Confident Mondays:Love Your Skin(mini review+tips)



I remember the first time I was told I had to wash my face with something other than water and a washcloth, my mother handed me a creamy yellow bottle with a red cap. There was a sketch of a cow as it’s label. To this day my mom and other female members of the family still uses this religiously, and buys it in bulk from Asia when they get the chance. I, however, have decided to branch out and try different products for my skin.

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Basic Spiral Nails




A slick coat of new nail polish can make a girl(or guy!) feel great for the rest of the week.

Varnish can match your outfits,bags,make-up or your sassy/sweet/calm/fierce/awesomesauce personalities.

Today’s nails will be all about spring! A bright pop of color, but still sweet and mellow, and it goes well with anything.

They also work for any nail shape(long,short,medium,wide,narrow…)

If I can do it, you can do it too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A basic base or clear coat(Crabtree and Evelyn;Clear/Crystal;$6.00)

Red-orange solid color(Crabtree and Evelyn;Clementine;$6.00)

Solid gold(Crabtree and Evelyn;Gold;$6.00)

Striper brush(or any thin paintbrush can work)

1.Start with clean nails, remove any previous nail polish. Trim and buff them and push back any cuticles. Make sure there is no oil or dirt on the surface of your nails.


2. Apply a base coat


3.Apply the red/orange varnish in even strokes. Try to cover the surface of the nail in 3 strokes. Let dry a little and apply another coat for a solid color.


4.Use a thin brush, start from the spot above the middle if your nail and draw a spiral pattern



4. Voila! Apply another layer of base coat to seal the nail polish.








Tip: Let nails dry between each step.

Nail Polish: I’ve been loving Crabtree and Evelyn nail polishes, they give a nice solid opaque color,dries fast and they’re quite affordable.

Happy Monday!

xo Naomi