The Art of Letting Go



I think this is something many of us struggle with. Letting go. The way we hang on to dead things;things that no longer benefit us anymore. The way we build up our closets with things we have outgrown or no longer fit. How you still think of that person who is no longer present in your life. To the things that torment us, begging to be forgiven.
Daily habits that no longer serve us. False illusions of stability,happiness,achievement.

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Confident Mondays:Love Your Skin(mini review+tips)



I remember the first time I was told I had to wash my face with something other than water and a washcloth, my mother handed me a creamy yellow bottle with a red cap. There was a sketch of a cow as it’s label. To this day my mom and other female members of the family still uses this religiously, and buys it in bulk from Asia when they get the chance. I, however, have decided to branch out and try different products for my skin.

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Signs You’re Stressed and How to Deal With It

Hello everyone!! I hope you’re all having a good week. Today the weather where I’m living is grumpy… cold,rainy and bipolar. Which is why I’m going through cups and cups of hot tea and catching up on some work I reallly need to get done.

I’m also introducing Thursday Tea Time and Chats, which is where I will basically be touching on life’s daily hurdles,emotions,rants and possibly reviews on things that I’m loving.



So grab a mug of tea, and let’s chat.

Today’s topic is stress.

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Confident Mondays: Four Things Girls are Self Conscious of(and why they shouldn’t be!)



We all know as girls, we have it pretty hard. From weird bodily functions to wardrobe mishaps and frustration and keeping our hair in one place; and that just skims the surface.

I find that most girls, if not all of the ones I have met in my lifetime are somewhat self conscious of something. Our species basically feeds on low self esteem, and it’s sad really. These beautiful,intelligent,funny, and kind people get down on their selves, because they find aspects of themselves not “good enough”.

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Friends and Happiness

Inspirational tip of the day~

Surround yourself with the best people. By best, not perfect, but best for you.Whether you have everything in common or you’re completely opposite, doesn’t matter.

Surround yourself with people who make you smile when you’re down and who don’t judge you for your faults. Surround yourself with honest, good people. People who inspire you.

Make sure there’s trust.

Find someone who will listen and someone who understands you’re not always going to be there 24/7.

Friendship should not be consumed by jealousy, an endless game of goose chase, or what is he/she thinking.

I don’t want to say friendship should be easy, but really it should be. It shouldn’t be hard to spend your precious hours with people you adore,trust and love with all your heart. Remember a few close friends will always equate more than a big group of people you feel lost with. They say you become the five people you are closest to. Choose wisely. Follow your instincts. You go through life meeting hundreds of new people,in reality or interactively. Find the ones who are important to you and hold on to them. Never take someone for granted.


And always, always appreciate the people who make you feel like a whole.

Hehe so that’s my cheesy happiness excerpt of the day. But seriously, it’s so true. I know people who associate themselves with large groups wanting to fit in, but in reality they are miserable. I know people who struggle to get out of a toxic relationship that’s clearly not doing them any good, but they stay anyways. I feel like life is just too short to put yourself through that emotional destruction. In ten years,you’re going to wish you spent more time and energy with people you actually enjoy the presense of rather than those “fake” friendships.

Think wisely, for your happiness

xo Naomi

Party Planning Madness

Wowees it’s been a whole week already since my last post.

Haha it’s not that I’ve been doing much lately, mostly on my couch at home scrolling through Instagram.Cooking,running,yoga, working outish(does pilates once a week count haha?)

Sigh. I have an on/off relationship with this particular social media branch. I go through weeks where I’m OBSESSED. Like constantly on my explore feed or certain tags(hello #spring) and my home feed. It’s kinda like Facebook. And then I go through weeks of withdrawal, like ew I’m never opening the app again/ ain’t nobody got time.  Now I’m off school for a little bit, I have a lot of time on my hands ^_^ I guess part of the reasons why I’m not particularly active on Instagram is because when I’m scrolling through feeds of beautiful and elegant recipes, it’s not like I can go ahead and make that cake tomorrow because you know I have like an essay to finish by tomorrow…ha. But when I do have time, like the summer, I have the capacity to bake/make/decorate/exercise to my little heart’s content and Instagram is like a daily inspiration board. Don’t even get me started on Pinterest.


Anyways, this week I’ve also been busy planning my Saint Pat’s Potluck. This was my first time hosting a potluck, and I invited about 8 friends over to eat some food and hang out. I figure since the end of our highschool days are approaching faster than we expect, we wouldn’t get that much time to spend together anymore.

As a semi perfectionist, I like to say, I have a billion thoughts and tasks that run through my mind. Like do I want this party to be pinterest worthy? What am I going to make? Is it going to taste good? What the heck is worcheshire sauce!? Should I half this recipe?


It gets overwhelming at times… I ended up making my main dish at like 10:30pm the night before after my shower. Thank goodness my mom helped with prep the ingredients.

In a few days time I was scrambling around for the right ingredients trying(but always failing) not to forget anything. I hate it when I miss an ingredient or a step =_=

And decor. Well no one is getting that despite the hints so I guess I’m getting that too!


Drinks. I went with homemade baileys in celebration of an Irish holiday. Jeez I don’t even know what that stuff taste like. I spent two days trying to figure out/convince myself if bourbon would work in place of Irish whiskey. Again, a little perfectionist on following recipes to the T. I even made the condensed milk myself and got two different kinds of creams on two different days. One for the drink and one for the dessert truffles.

Anyways, hosting a party/potluck/event can be stressful. Here are some tips to make your experience more memorable and nice rather than frustrating.

1.Keep your goals in check

I know sometimes you just want everything to be perfect. But realize sometimes things may go wrong or turn out not exactly the way you wanted to. That’s okay. It’s not all or nothing. And no you cannot just give up, the show goes on. You got an event to run. Try to find a solution.Ask someone for help or an opinion. Sometimes it may just turn out that things turned out better than you’ve expect.

I know all those Pinterest boards and Lauren Conrad seems to plan the most beautiful, glamorous,elegant yet simple-esque parties but remember those set ups and perfect pictures have a whole team behind them. You’re just on your own. And you don’t have a professional photographer and a food lower your expectations.


Write or type out what you want at your event. What things you are making, what other people are bringing, what theme, decor..ect. Write up a to-buy list. Try to get everything in one or two goes so you don’t have to run back and forth which is annoying. I recommend planning it out a week or at least a few days in advance if it’s  a small event so it won’t be stressful two days before. For example, I like to chop up on the ingredients for a dish  I’m making before ,if I know it’s going to take a long time. That way everything just goes into the pot, cooks and simmer or bakes. No mess=no stress.

3.Focus on the important stuff

Sometimes we get so caught up in making things go smooth sailing we forget what we’re doing is all about. If you’re hosting a dinner party, yes the food is important, but really it’s about this golden time when you get to spend time with your friends/family, share a few drinks,talks and laughs. You don’t want to get to the table all stressed and flustered; the key is to have a good time too;)


Checking in on your guests a week or days prior to the event is very important. You want to know where everyone is at,how many people are coming and if they’re bringing something so you can avoid repeats and time. You may sound a little naggy, but it’s worth it;)

5.Ask for help I know you think you’re independent and you got this whole thing down. But sometimes, we all need a little help to make our lives easier. I’m so glad for events like this potluck I had and past dinner get togethers and birthday parties I had the help of my mom. It just decreases the stress ten fold when you can focus on getting down one thing without scrambling around trying to do everything. Saving time and high blood pressure people. I also had the help of the lovely Arathy to help me make the dessert. I learned to love cooking/baking with people because I can take things slowly and have conversation in the kitchen rather than being alone and trying to everything fast-fast-fast.


These tips are pretty basic, but I hoped some of them can serve as a reminder the next time you ever have to plan something for people.

Remember, when you’re inviting people over, whether for a party or food related,  most of the time, the guests are going to be happy. They don’t really have to do anything except come or receive free food. You may be ultra picky on your planning or cooking skills, but they are probably going be more lenient.


At the end of the day, I was thrilled with what everyone brought to the potluck.I had a blast minus the stress and it was honestly just nice to chill with a group of friends; food a bonus;) Instead of burning out in the end, though I did suffer food coma haha, I actually went to the gym for a short workout! #grateful


Until next time,

Feel free to ask me for advice or share your tips. And how do you feel about the you have one?



Not my cup of tea



Are you familiar with being on the wrong side of someone’s agenda? Maybe you’re used to holding up your walls and dismissing it.Maybe you’re courageous and a stronghead that finds the need to deal with conflict as soon as it hits.

Either way the feeling of neglectance or dislike from someone else towards you can be upsetting and confusing.

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