Attention Foodies,Eat Vancouver

If you’re in Vancouver, and you love food like I do, be sure to check out the Eat Vancouver festival this weekend.

A little info.. what is EAT Vancouver? ┬áVery like what it’s called, it’s very much about eating. As proudly the largest food festival in Vancouver,and running for it’s 13 th year, it boasts good food served by local or Canadian companies, and well known restaurants and celebrity chefs.

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Gluten Free Expo 2k15

I started a new page on my blog dedicated to all things Vancouver. It’s under “Raincouver Fun”, because how fitting. It’ll contain posts on restaurants,different parts of the city,activities and generally just life in Vancouver. Either if you live in Vancouver or you’re just interested in what goes on in different cities of the world, feel free to check it out.

The city of Vancouver has a very strong food scene,the abundance of coffee critics, local food and health consciousness.

Just over the past year or so, I have attended three food expos. Basically these expos are a showcase of different companies and businesses(lots of locals and ) who set up venues to promote their food products.

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