The Art of Letting Go



I think this is something many of us struggle with. Letting go. The way we hang on to dead things;things that no longer benefit us anymore. The way we build up our closets with things we have outgrown or no longer fit. How you still think of that person who is no longer present in your life. To the things that torment us, begging to be forgiven.
Daily habits that no longer serve us. False illusions of stability,happiness,achievement.

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Day in My Life: Sun Run+Eats


Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope everyone’s having a great,relaxing weekend. A Confident Monday post is coming up, I’m just taking a little longer with it because I want it to be detailed. It’s going to be another of the health posts in the health debunked series. For now, I’m sharing my experience with the Vancouver Sun Run and the week leading up to it. Continue reading

Foodie Tuesdays:Lunch at PICA



A sunny Tuesday morning was spent spent on the docks of the beautiful Granville Island, and a three course lunch commenced in Vancouver’s own finest culinary institute.

This is a review of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, and also a little peek into my life:)

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Confident Mondays: Four Things Girls are Self Conscious of(and why they shouldn’t be!)



We all know as girls, we have it pretty hard. From weird bodily functions to wardrobe mishaps and frustration and keeping our hair in one place; and that just skims the surface.

I find that most girls, if not all of the ones I have met in my lifetime are somewhat self conscious of something. Our species basically feeds on low self esteem, and it’s sad really. These beautiful,intelligent,funny, and kind people get down on their selves, because they find aspects of themselves not “good enough”.

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Basic Spiral Nails




A slick coat of new nail polish can make a girl(or guy!) feel great for the rest of the week.

Varnish can match your outfits,bags,make-up or your sassy/sweet/calm/fierce/awesomesauce personalities.

Today’s nails will be all about spring! A bright pop of color, but still sweet and mellow, and it goes well with anything.

They also work for any nail shape(long,short,medium,wide,narrow…)

If I can do it, you can do it too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A basic base or clear coat(Crabtree and Evelyn;Clear/Crystal;$6.00)

Red-orange solid color(Crabtree and Evelyn;Clementine;$6.00)

Solid gold(Crabtree and Evelyn;Gold;$6.00)

Striper brush(or any thin paintbrush can work)

1.Start with clean nails, remove any previous nail polish. Trim and buff them and push back any cuticles. Make sure there is no oil or dirt on the surface of your nails.


2. Apply a base coat


3.Apply the red/orange varnish in even strokes. Try to cover the surface of the nail in 3 strokes. Let dry a little and apply another coat for a solid color.


4.Use a thin brush, start from the spot above the middle if your nail and draw a spiral pattern



4. Voila! Apply another layer of base coat to seal the nail polish.








Tip: Let nails dry between each step.

Nail Polish: I’ve been loving Crabtree and Evelyn nail polishes, they give a nice solid opaque color,dries fast and they’re quite affordable.

Happy Monday!

xo Naomi

Friends and Happiness

Inspirational tip of the day~

Surround yourself with the best people. By best, not perfect, but best for you.Whether you have everything in common or you’re completely opposite, doesn’t matter.

Surround yourself with people who make you smile when you’re down and who don’t judge you for your faults. Surround yourself with honest, good people. People who inspire you.

Make sure there’s trust.

Find someone who will listen and someone who understands you’re not always going to be there 24/7.

Friendship should not be consumed by jealousy, an endless game of goose chase, or what is he/she thinking.

I don’t want to say friendship should be easy, but really it should be. It shouldn’t be hard to spend your precious hours with people you adore,trust and love with all your heart. Remember a few close friends will always equate more than a big group of people you feel lost with. They say you become the five people you are closest to. Choose wisely. Follow your instincts. You go through life meeting hundreds of new people,in reality or interactively. Find the ones who are important to you and hold on to them. Never take someone for granted.


And always, always appreciate the people who make you feel like a whole.

Hehe so that’s my cheesy happiness excerpt of the day. But seriously, it’s so true. I know people who associate themselves with large groups wanting to fit in, but in reality they are miserable. I know people who struggle to get out of a toxic relationship that’s clearly not doing them any good, but they stay anyways. I feel like life is just too short to put yourself through that emotional destruction. In ten years,you’re going to wish you spent more time and energy with people you actually enjoy the presense of rather than those “fake” friendships.

Think wisely, for your happiness

xo Naomi

International Happiness Day 2015

Only picture of a balloon I could find:P Taken in the spring of 2014.

Only picture of a balloon I could find:P Taken in the spring of 2014.

Hello everyone, Happy International Happiness Day!

TBH I just found out this morning and technically it was yesterday(March 20,2015).

But seriously, how fitting, because I was just thinking of writing a post reflecting about how my year went so far and talking about my feelings in relations to happiness.

Okay real talk. This is a post that doesn’t spam you with food pictures and flowers 😛

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