Day in My Life: Sun Run+Eats


Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope everyone’s having a great,relaxing weekend. A Confident Monday post is coming up, I’m just taking a little longer with it because I want it to be detailed. It’s going to be another of the health posts in the health debunked series. For now, I’m sharing my experience with the Vancouver Sun Run and the week leading up to it. Continue reading


Day In My Life: Meeting Sarah Britton from My New Roots


Happy Friday! Something super exciting happened yesterday… I got the pleasure of meeting Sarah Britton!

She has one of the most popular plant based/food blogs out there, and no surprise because her blog My New Roots, is absolutely stunning. When I stumbled upon it a few years ago, I remember instantly falling in love with her beautiful recipes, minimalist theme, kind personality and stellar photography.

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Gratitude a Day +Eats+Post Valentine Day

I’m writing this on a glorious Sunday Morning.

It’s been a pretty bleak and rainy few weeks so it was nice to wake up to the sun streaming through the blinds when I woke up.

I wobbled into the kitchen and for some reason thought to myself “it’ll be really nice if I could have a bowl of strawberries right now”. And look what I found.

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The Night(s) Before Christmas

As you may know, Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays. But all the action never really happens on Christmas Day.I feel like Christmas Day is when you soak it all in and just savour the holiday. It’s staying home with your family who gets out of bed a little into noon, sipping on tea and eating leftover cake while looking out of the window. Warm pajamas and the fire goes on all day in the living room. Movie marathons or a good book in bed.Preparing yourself for boxing day the day after. At least that’s what the day is like for me.

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