Confident Mondays:Love Your Skin(mini review+tips)



I remember the first time I was told I had to wash my face with something other than water and a washcloth, my mother handed me a creamy yellow bottle with a red cap. There was a sketch of a cow as it’s label. To this day my mom and other female members of the family still uses this religiously, and buys it in bulk from Asia when they get the chance. I, however, have decided to branch out and try different products for my skin.

First of all. Why wash your skin?

I think it’s still pretty common for people to still use the water and cloth method, and as there is nothing wrong with that, to clean up your skin really well, it’s always better to use a good facial wash. Facial washes have chemicals that are designed to get in those pores and pull out dirt and bacteria.

But there are so many, which one do I buy?

Buying skincare can be complicated. Everyone has different skin types and may have sensitivities to certain things found in different labels.I think the best route to go is to do some research before hand, and also talk to someone who works at the store. These people are trained in cosmetics and skincare, and to help you find the best product for your skin. Most of the time these quick consultations are free of charge, so why not? You get a mini facial with it too!

When I went to Kiels in the summer in hunt of a good toner, I sat down for a quick skin consultation. The lady put a type of tape, it kind of looked like those tapes you measure Ph levels with, and determined I had combination skin. She also felt around my forehead,nose area and cheeks to determine which parts were dry, and which were oily. With this information, she collected a bundle of basic products for an everyday skincare routine. Ever since then, I have been using the face wash and toner from the Kiel’s line.

Kiels, Cucumber toner and Ultra Facial Wash

Kiels, Cucumber toner and Ultra Facial Wash

At first when you look at the price of these products, it may be a stretch from your usual drugstore products. But seriously, I’ve been using the same 180ml tube since the summer.  I used it minimally two times day, and you only need a pea sized amount. I don’t know if there’s a dramatic difference in my skin, but it definitely feels fresh and renewed each day. I never have any breakouts. Plus the ladies at Kiels are super nice. No longer do you have to stand around in Shoppers or your local drug store, scratching your head and looking over a sea of different marketed brands.

I truly believed investing in good products for your skin, will yield worthwhile results. Why wait when there’s a problem with your skin, or when you’re old? Take care of your skin now, so you don’t have that many worries later on. It’s a basic necessity.

I find that moisturizer wise, it’s a lot easier to find. Find a moisturizer that’s not too oily and creamy if you have oily skin. Also I never used moisturizer until recently but I always suffered dry skin troubles all over my face, especially in the winter it gets bad. Just like your body, applying moisturizer regularly will help protect your skin from harsh conditions and give it a soft appearance.  Also I found out from my consulting lady that the reason why I was producing so much oil in my nose area was probably because the other areas of my skin like my cheeks were deprived of moisture and overly dry. This caused my skin to produce more oil in other places to compromise with this situation.

A skin care brand I’m obsessed with right now is L’occitaine, thanks to my friend Janice. Their factory was founded in France and on the basis of using natural products and extracts. They are more expensive, but the quality I find are pretty great. They also smell the best out of all the products I’ve used. Sweet,earthy,flowery tones. Give their handcreams a try, they are one of their best sellers!

From the left:Eau de Parfum,Precious Cream and Lavender Body Wash from L'occitaine.

From the left:Eau de Parfum,Precious Cream and Lavender Body Wash from L’occitaine.

I love their almond shower gels and shower creams. They leave my skin smelling so wonderful for 24 hours,clean and soft.

Facial wise, the little blue jars of precious cream are so great! I used it as a moisturizer, and I dare to say it’s my favorite product so far.


Another thing I want to talk about is serum. I always knew about it in the back of my mind from YouTube videos and whatnot, but never really paid attention to what it was. Apparently you need to use both serum and moisturizer in your routine because your skin has different layers. Serum is liquidy,gel like substance that absorbs quickly and penetrates the deeper layers of your skin. The moisturizer softens your skin on the outer layer. A combination of this equals baby soft skin. I still don’t know if this is 100% true or not, or just a marketing tactic used to make consumers buy more products. But I do know that  combination of the serum and moisturizer, did make my skin feel pretty great. Right now, I’m just striving to moisturize my skin on a daily basis, so I’m happy with just a simple well working moisturizer.I recently just finished the Body Shop samples of serum and Vitamin E cream. So far they work pretty well on a basic level, but I haven’t garnered enough experience or information to determine if they are worthy of promoting.

On using coconut oil

Coconut oil is great. People religiously use it to clean,cook,brush their teeth with, gurgle, swallow by the tablespoon, as conditioner,shaving cream,shampoo and moisturizer. I used to use in on my skin daily too. But just the oil itself, is admittedly lacking in comparison to an actual cream based moisturizer product. I used it on my skin before for a period of time, but I found that it didn’t work quite as well as I hope it to. And it also leaves a oily feeling despite it absorbing quite instantly if that makes any sense. Thus, I now use coconut oil exclusively for baking and cooking purposely, occasionally at the end of my hair after showering and blow drying to protect my roots and give my hair a soft look.

On exfoliation

Tbh I love the occasional exfoliation I give my skin. I love the feeling of scrubbing out all the dirt and guck in my pores with those sandlike granules you find in exfoliators. It leaves my skin feeling so soft, because I’m scrubbing away all those dead skin cells and dry particles. But I do not follow the recommendation of 3 times a week. Over exfoliating can actually lead to more damage on your skin. It can strip your skin of the natural cell layers and oil. Besides your skin naturally exfoliates itself on a daily basis! It’s constantly shedding dead skin cells and regenerating new ones. I would recommend to leave exfoliation to an occasional treat for your skin.

Other basic tips are too make sure you wear sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful rays and getting sunburn. Take your makeup off regularly so it doesn’t get trapped in your pores. Wash your skin after you work out or if you’re outside for long periods of time. The build up of dirt,oil and dead skin cells can cause breakouts on your skin.

Anyways, I realize the everyday products we use may contain ingredients that are not so great for our bodies, but honestly sometimes science beats nature just in this case. I try to use skin care products that use some natural aspects, that are higher quality or support good charities and sustainability like Lush and the Body Shop. In the future I would like to look for more natural products to use for my skin and that works well too!



I hope you enjoyed this semi review on some of the products I’m loving lately, and if you have recommendations please let me know! I am by no means adequate or super well informed on skincare, so I’m learning too.

Another big aspect for maintaining good skin, is not just what goes on the outside, but what goes on the inside too! I broke out way more in elementary school than in high school believe it or not. In elementary school, I was polishing off half a box of chip ahoy for dinner and eating pizza pops for snacks. I believe your diet contributes to the overall health of your skin. Obviously there are always exceptions; some people eat pizza all day everyday and have perfectly normal skin. But most of the time, eating too much grease or animal products can be problematic for your skin. For example, many people experience a dramatic difference in their skin for the better after they cut out dairy products. All dairy products have awesome(sarcastic) things like pus and mucus forming properties that can cause blockage in your skin like the formation of things like blackheads and pimples.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water will give your body the vitamins and properties to repair and maintain healthy skin and flush out toxins in your body.veggies

And with that, love your skin by treating it right, and having confidence in it!

Until next week,



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