Attention Foodies,Eat Vancouver

If you’re in Vancouver, and you love food like I do, be sure to check out the Eat Vancouver festival this weekend.

A little info.. what is EAT Vancouver?  Very like what it’s called, it’s very much about eating. As proudly the largest food festival in Vancouver,and running for it’s 13 th year, it boasts good food served by local or Canadian companies, and well known restaurants and celebrity chefs.

It’s an festival that lasts all week. Starting from April 26 to May 3rd, workshops are held from some of the most popular restarants around Vancouver.

The Canadian Flavors Gala features 15 top chefs from around Canada that comes up with an innovative dish to pair with the list of spring wines from Narmada Bench.

Dinner Series, that seem to have dominate my Instagram feed by local Vancouver foodies are held by celebrity chefs around town that basically come up with a multiple course menu to feature their talents for the week. I have seen some of the creations and ingredients and they look mighty delicious and creative.


From thetravellingspoon Instagram

There are more to the list, and for more information about the festival check out the link here. EAT Vancouver happens every year around April to May.

Now for the most affordable and gorge worthy event in my opinion, is the festival + cooking shows that happen on the weekend from May 1-3. For ten dollars(under 12 yeas old is free!), you get entry into the biggest eating fair/expo in Vancouver. Different food companies come to this show to promote their products and with that comes a lot of yummy samples and amazing discount prices.

This year I had the pleasure of discovering even more companies and tasting all the delicious and suprising things they had to offer.

Some of my favorites include

    • Gone Crackers(roasted garlic and shallot was the best)
    • alcoholic jellies from Dolly’s Delicious Treats(I don’t know what’s burning my throat;the spiciness or the tequila?)


    • fresh cut on the spot salami,truffle spreads and tapenades from Bosa Foods


    • Blood Orange,Guava,mango vinegar from Your Inspiration At Home


    • Pineapple Sake Marmalade(you’ll have to hunt this one down because I don’t remember the name of the company) They sell a variety of alcohol infused marmalade and they each taste absolutely delicious.
    • chocolate products from Urge Chocolate(My favorite was the fresh ginger candy coated in dark chocolate)
    • lobster oil(MUST TRY.I felt like I was eating lobster and butter by an ocean)


    • Infused maple Syrup(favorite was lemongrass chipotle) from PURE Infused Maple


  • Habib Mediterranean Food(Zataar Cumin Hummus and Lebanese garlic dressing wins my heart)
  • Apple and Stilton cheese buns(gluten free) from Quejos(best thing I had from them up to date!)

I also attended the same cheese seminar that they hold at certain periods of the day, where I got to learn more about the making of Canadian cheese and tasted some of the contenders of the Grand Prix of Cheese 2015.


Let me tell you, there is a lot of cheese. Be prepared to have a boost of happy hormones in your body.


More goodies:






There’s also many shows held throughout the day,again it’s on the schedule. Many celebrity chefs like Rob Feenie that owns the Cactus Club Chain, Vikram Vij, food network hosts like Anna Olsen and local celebs and restaurant owners like Jackie Ellis from Beaucoup Bakery, one of the most famous bakeries in Vancouver with the best pastries ever. She is also on the top 40 foodies under 40 list named by Western Living magazine. Yet she is one of the most humblest and sweet people I’ve seen.


Anna Olsen- image source from

In the cooking showdown, three celebrity chefs are on the stage that have to create a dish in 20 minutes. Rob Feenie is one of the co hosts, and the three competitors are Jackie Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery,   Johnathon Chovancek of owner of Cafe Medina and Anna Olsen star of many shows on the food network.

image source:

image source:

One of the judges was Erin Ireland, owner of To Die For, a banana bread company, and a popular Vancouver foodie blog.Pst check out her blog and instagram, and marvel at her greatness.

There’s also cooking classes hosted by different chefs from popular restaurants like Fable, Cafe Medina,Maenam,Bao Bei, Dirty Apron, Burdock and Co. and lots more! You’re actually taught by the chef of that restaurant how to cook a dish and of course you eat it to!

And for you 19 plusers, there is plenty of booze and plastic wine glasses to go around. Just remember to get a wristband for unlimited booze tasting.Wine and cheese makes the world go around as they say.

 Big Tip: Go with an appetite but not a raging hunger. What made this year even more enjoyable than the last that I had the opportunity to try everything I (actually) wanted and just take it slow,and talk to the vendors about their products. I was very full but not uncomfortably stuffed because in the previous years I stuffed whatever I saw down my throat not thinking intuitively if I actually a.had room for it  b.have had it before c.actually wanted to try it, this year I actually had much more delicious things that will stay in my memory because I took my time choosing and eating.

So if you’re in Vancouver and you want some great food, I recommend you check it out, it’s only a few blocks at B.C place from the skytrain station Chinatown Stadium.


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