The Art of Letting Go



I think this is something many of us struggle with. Letting go. The way we hang on to dead things;things that no longer benefit us anymore. The way we build up our closets with things we have outgrown or no longer fit. How you still think of that person who is no longer present in your life. To the things that torment us, begging to be forgiven.
Daily habits that no longer serve us. False illusions of stability,happiness,achievement.

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Confident Mondays:Love Your Skin(mini review+tips)



I remember the first time I was told I had to wash my face with something other than water and a washcloth, my mother handed me a creamy yellow bottle with a red cap. There was a sketch of a cow as it’s label. To this day my mom and other female members of the family still uses this religiously, and buys it in bulk from Asia when they get the chance. I, however, have decided to branch out and try different products for my skin.

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Foodie Tuesdays: Gluttony and Why I Will Never Be a Food Critic



I think it was the afternoon I took a bite out of a duck confit crostini with fig jam at the third day of a food+eating festival that I wholeheartedly decided I would never be a food critic. I was just not cut out for the job.

We’ve all been there. Having that thought of wouldn’t it be the best job in the world to be paid to eat?

But with such glory comes with a price.

Read about my thoughts of the term “foodie”,food critiquing and the one of many experiences I’ve had with gluttony. And make sure you stay till the end, I have a beautiful spring recipe I like to share with you all.

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Attention Foodies,Eat Vancouver

If you’re in Vancouver, and you love food like I do, be sure to check out the Eat Vancouver festival this weekend.

A little info.. what is EAT Vancouver? ┬áVery like what it’s called, it’s very much about eating. As proudly the largest food festival in Vancouver,and running for it’s 13 th year, it boasts good food served by local or Canadian companies, and well known restaurants and celebrity chefs.

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