Day in My Life: Sun Run+Eats


Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope everyone’s having a great,relaxing weekend. A Confident Monday post is coming up, I’m just taking a little longer with it because I want it to be detailed. It’s going to be another of the health posts in the health debunked series. For now, I’m sharing my experience with the Vancouver Sun Run and the week leading up to it.

Surprisenly, I’ve been running. I say that because I distinctly remember not wanting to run for a month after the Sun Run last year. It was my first 10km event, and even after months of grueling training, I still managed to die. But this year, despite the fact I trained way less than I hoped for, I made it without wanting to kill somebody. I proudly say that I fully enjoyed my experience this year. In fact, the very next day I went out for a run with a friend, our usual route with the extra hill we added too!

So flashback to last weekend, here was my Sun Run experience!

The week during: I made an excuse to indulge a little…ahem call it carb-loading. Or maybe just stress eating because I didn’t realize the sun run was this weekend before a friend told me over brunch that week. I thought it was in May…

7-8am: I got up, ate my usual breakfast of oatmeal,hemp hearts,little bit of walnuts with some apples.Tip: never eat something different then you usually would before a long distant event like a 10k,half marathon or marathon.Your stomach might react to it badly. I headed out to meet my two running buddies and of course I forgot my bib(the most important thing) so I had to run back to home. But on the way a nice lady asked me if I was running(the sun run) and told me I looked great. It was such a nice thing to hear, besides it was only 8 in the morning and I was wearing neon pink knee socks. We rode the skytrain sharing fruit gummies for an extra burst of energy;)

8-9am: Once we got downtown, it was already filled with crowds and crowds of people. I just needed to find a bathroom.

Pre race: Hundreds of selfies later. I was a lot less nervous/anticipating than last year. The weather was beautiful and I was squished between people while we slowly moved towards the starting line. Btw for the run, we are seperated into group by color depending what you put for your estimated finishing time. The slowest colors go first, and the fastest colors go last.

During the race: I had a pretty good start. Or at least I thought so. I pounded to “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift from her rad new album 1989 and it was freaking great. I literally wanted to throw my hands in the air. Time flew by and it was already 4k by the time we past English Bay

8k Mark: Oh this this was the part I completely died last year, like raging dying. I noticed I was getting dreary from the heat and lactic acid, but went on and dodged to the shade whenever possible.

The end: After the last bridge we headed towards Rogers Arena, before I knew it I could see the finish line banner. I took it slow during the last 2 km because I was getting tired plus I wanted to reserve energy for a good finish. I sprinted the last hundred metres or so and made it!! I found my friend quite quickly and we headed inside the stadium. We both agreed it was so much more fun this year.

The food:

Obviously after a long run you gotta eat all the calories back right? Haha the food this year was pretty similar to last year with the additon of some new sponsors. I got some fruit from SPUD,cheese sticks from Black Diamond, granola,cereal,yogurt and berries from Nature’s Path Organics and some juice and smoothie samples from OASIS. I actually quite enjoyed the green smoothie, but it isn’t something I would buy.

We lounged around,took more selfies and then finally went home because we had to meet people for lunch at Trattoria at 2:30. Yay Pizza!

Post Race:

Went home and showered, put on some new flowery, spring shorts and headed out to the restaurant. This time with a group of five, we ordered 3 pizzas and a salad.

Overall the pizzas were pretty good. Thin crusted and nicely flavored with quality ingredients. The Formaggio was very,very cheesy, good decisions. And everyone seemed to love the classic margarita. I quite liked the beet salad and it was my first time trying watercress.I liked it so much, I bought it at the market in Granville Island when I was there the following week.

After lunch the running trio headed downtown for some shopping, impromptu makeovers and a movie. The movie we watched was Cinderella, and ahh it was so pretty and great and all the feels, I liked it better than the weird,monotonish and static cartoon. The cast was perfect.

At around 9 I suggested we find a place to eat cake Because why not? We ended up going to Breka Bakery and Cafe on Robson, which is open 24 hours and is packed with students. We had to sit outside in the cold but at least I had a big mug of latte and cakes. I went with the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake because you can’t go wrong with cheesecake right? My friends went with a strawberry shortcake spongecake and a pistachio chocolate ganache cake. We all shared and I think both of them preferred my cake the most.I thought the cakes were all mediocre at the best and my latte was actually pretty bad. Not much coffee flavor, but a lot of the sweet almond milk flavor,probably why it was so big.I would probably not go back here for cake.

And so that was a sweet ending to a wonderful day and night.

As always, thanks for reading,



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