Signs You’re Stressed and How to Deal With It

Hello everyone!! I hope you’re all having a good week. Today the weather where I’m living is grumpy… cold,rainy and bipolar. Which is why I’m going through cups and cups of hot tea and catching up on some work I reallly need to get done.

I’m also introducing Thursday Tea Time and Chats, which is where I will basically be touching on life’s daily hurdles,emotions,rants and possibly reviews on things that I’m loving.



So grab a mug of tea, and let’s chat.

Today’s topic is stress.

So over this past week, for some reason there seems to be this growing angst inside of me. Today, Friday, I woke up wanting to scream. I grudgedly ate my breakfast that I wasn’t hungry for. I did not want to go to school. I was already late anyways, but went anyways.

I did feel better when I got there, but as noon rolled along, the irritation and the stress crept back in again. I decided I needed to go home. I didn’t have any important classes later that day, so I convinced myself taking care of my mental state was more important right now. Before I left, I took out my phone and wrote out a comprehensive list of the things I needed to get done.  I went home with the mindset that I would take some time for myself to figure things out.

Even though I write a happiness and lifestyle blog, I am not ashamed nor a hypocrite to have bad days. Everyone has bad days,weeks or months. I have bad days, but I try hard to turn them around into good ones. I think the purpose of pursuing to be happy, is not to be happy all the time, but to find ways to cope with stressful situations and in return, become a more mindful,grateful and happier being.

Some people I noticed stress very easily. But they fail to deal with it. They think “I’m stressed out all the time, and that’s how it’s just going to be”. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are ways to acknowledge and to improve the way you think and react to these stressful situations or encounters.

I think it’s so important to realize that you are stressed, and that you acknowledge you need to find a way to cope with it that equates to taking of yourself.

Here are five tips to deal with stress:

1.Write it down

What are you stressed about? Is it school? Work? Relationships? Sometimes we tend to add on to our mental list of things we’re stressed about or need to get done. It comes to a point where it’s just to much for our fragile minds to handle, and we perceive that there’s more on our plate than there actually is. Writing it all down can really help, because it brings much less chaos and more clarity to the things you need to work on.

2.Find a stress reliever

We all have things that brings calmness into our lives. Set some time for things you enjoy, maybe it’s going for a jog,doing yoga,playing with your pet,reading or knitting. Doing these things will help put your mind to more ease and hash out those negative feelings you build up throughout the day or week.



3.Talk to someone

Sometimes we tend to keep things we’re worried about all bottled up for so long to the point where it’s internally hurting us. Find someone to talk to, you never know, they might just understand what you’re going through or at least be an open ear. It’s a lot easier than talking back and forth to yourself.


Figure out a strategy of how you’re going to combat this situation. If you have a paper and an exam due the next week, plan out what chunks of times you’re going to carve out to do those things. Also set times for a relaxation or stress relieving ritual. Write it down on your phone, keep reminders, so all those tasks don’t build up by the end of the week and make you stressed.

5.Take care of your physical/mental self

Everyone experiences different symptoms of stress. Some are more intense than others.  Some common ones include:

  • loss of appetite or gain of appetite
  • loss of motivation
  • irritability
  • increased seclusion(anti social)
  • sleep deprivation
  • racing thoughts
  • increased heartbeat/sweatiness/dizziness/headaches
  • panic attacks,temporary paralysis
  • increased dependence on substances like caffeine(coffee)
  • tension,muscle cramps,aches

Take notice that these things we’re experiencing, long term isn’t good for us. Eventually we might get sick or experience a burn out if we continue not dealing with stress. Which is why being mindful of taking care of your body and mind is so important. Sometimes when we’re stressed, we’re not thinking about doing things that are normally good for us like eating healthy,exercising, sleeping and interacting with family/friends. Incorporate doing things that you know are going to be good for your body and mind as part of your plan. For example, if you know you won’t have much time to eat or go shopping for food, on the weekends make a big batch of something to keep you going for the week. Make or buy some healthy snacks and portion them out and prep some easy meals. It could be as easy as buying bread and ingredients for a quick sandwich,toast, and some vegetables for a salad.

IMG_20150311_194254 (2) Always make sure you’re eating an appropriate amount because stress tends to throw our hunger and eating schedule out of whack. Some people just don’t feel hungry therefore it leads to under eating,malnourishment, and isn’t so great for your cognitive and emotional state after a while.


Some people tend to what they call “stress eat”, which is why it’s important to plan out what you’re going to be eating to ensure you’re making healthy choices most of the time. Even though food may not come to mind when we’re in a “fight or flight” situation, it is important to take care of your body and make sure it has the nutrients and energy to combat whatever you’re dealing with.

Sleep, is also essential to your well being. I,myself am very guilty of not sleeping enough these days to meet deadlines. That is why planning and “nipping things in the butt” when they come is so important. Prolonged sleep deprivation will only lead to more stress on your body and mind, and you lose concentration and thinking skills. When you lose those, the stress you’re already dealing with can easily double in your mind. We need proper nourishment,sleep and relaxation to function at our best. So make sure you make it a priority to take care of yourself before anything else.


I hope these tips helped! Stress is going to be part of our lives, no matter how much we dislike it, so it’s better to know how to deal with it head on, rather than let it go on untreated for a long time.

Have yourself a wonderful rest of the week, I hope it’s filled with less stress and more happiness.

Remember to take care of yourselves ,

xo Naomi

Note: If you are experiencing episodes of panic or anxiety attacks,losing the motivation to live,thoughts of physical harm,seeing or hearing things that are not there,feelings of losing control over your life,increased sadness or intense physical reactions, please,please seek professional help asap.


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