Heartwarming Wednesdays+ Creative Blog Nomination



Happy Wednesday! I guess I should rename this post as “heartwarming” Wednesdays rather than “laughing”.

I just wanted to share with you this little thing I found that was so cute,heartwarming and inspiring ahh. So if you have a few moments, read on and prepare to die of awsey feels.

Also the second part of the post will be about my creative blog nomination

, big thanks to The Sassy Shorty for the nomination, I just recently discovered her fairly new blog(I think this is her first week!) and I already love her posts and blog format. She also happens to be a local Vancouverite, so we can bond over coffee spots and donuts:D

So the other day, my aunt shared with me the story of this woman, and how she had several of these beautiful dogs that all lived together with her.

Upon looking at the pictures, I saw happy,cute dogs full of energy and health, their coats were noticeably clean, especially the one of the white dogs had a snowy white coat which is apparently pretty hard to maintain in Taiwan because the air ain’t so great.


Little did I know, all these dogs were adopted; some of them were previously on the streets,injured or in bad health 😥

This lady’s passion and love for animals is so admirable and aweing. The way she tends her dogs with so much care,love and detail.



Her Facebook page is filled with daily adventures of her dogs, and she puts these cute little captions with them either. It is in mandrain, but you can easily see the translation thanks to Google, or you can just enjoy the stunning photography of little furry balls of cuteness.


Check it out for your daily dose of happy feels!

At www.facebook.com/pamelapeachland >> all photos belong to her, and her facebook page:)

Now for the Creative Blog Awards…


Here’s how it goes: You nominate ten other bloggers who you think have a ‘creative’ blog or you appreciate the things they are doing:) And all you have to do is list 5 facts about yourself. Easy right? And a great way to discover new blogs!

Now here is 5 facts about moi:

1. I love it when someone remembers my name; it makes me feel somewhat significant.

2.I have little uncommon places I don’t really share because I want them to belong to me.

3.I hate ripe bananas

4.I have seen some of the saddest things all before turning 12.

5.Clothing shopping can be stressful for me because I have awkward body proportions lol(wide shoulders,too skinny,too fat..ect) but I still love it XD


Now it’s your turn! I can’t wait to check out new blogs and read all your responses=)

Here are the blogs I nominate:

Travel Reads and eat @kristinaknaus.wordpress.com

>>love,love her photography and travels!

Healthy French Touch @healthyfrenchtouch.wordpress.com

>> Such a bright, inspirational attitude and lovely food pictures.

Moments with Rae @momentswithrae.blogspot.ca

>>ayy my blogging buddy kind of

Ejanic @ejanic.com

>>The minimalist theme is everything. For food lovers and tech geeks. Also happens to be owned by my bff.

Superfitbabe @superfitbabe.wordpress.com

>>love her healthy food posts and insights on healthy living, self love..ect.

Just A Morsel @justamorsel9.wordpress.com

>>Another Vancouver foodie blog, addicting posts!

And that’s all I could think of for now..have not been super active in the blogosphere, but I would love discover new blogs so share!! And also there’s is a lot more blogs I would like to nominate but they seem to be very popular and for the sake of not bombarding them with too many of these, I think I’ll spare them:’)

Toodles,laughs and happy blogging,



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