Day in my Life: Brunch Saturdays


Ahh I slept a full 8 hours, a nice change from the 4 I’ve been getting over the past week.

I had approximately 2 hours until brunch time with friends.

What did I do? Caught up on some blog writing.

At around 10:20am, I head out the door to meet up with people to go downtown… today’s plan was to go out for brunch,ice cream and visit the new Andy Warhol exhibit in Yaletown.

We arrived at Catch 122, a hip, uppy bistro located in Gastown; music was pumping, (good quality)coffee was pouring. We waited ten minutes outside before getting our seats.


Our spot was a big rustic round table and I thought it was uber cute.


The “GET COFFEE IN ME NOW/COFFEE IS EVERYTHING” vibes that came from the amounts of poster signs they had on the walls, hanging from the ceilings..ect kind of reminded me of Cafe Medina. And the “come to the dark side we have cookies”. YES.

catch1225  catch1223 catch1222

I didn’t feel like coffee today so I stuck with water, while my friends went with sparkling sodas(in which they thought was more fancy on the menu than in real life lol).

I settled on the Croque Madame, or opened face with house cured ham, Gruyere cheese,thick bread, poached egg,hash browns and side greens. Mainly because it sounded cool and ham seemed like a safe bet in comparison to things like duck prosciutto(bad experience with rawish thin sliced meat).


I also tried some of the pulled pork from my friend’s awesome poutine which was soft,tender,juicy and a tad too salty.


duck prosciutto benedict

duck prosciutto benedict

But then everyone found that the food was pretty salty,especially the taters. I concluded it was perfect drunk food, since there is a bar and a wine and drink menu. Neverless I was quite happy to fill my stomach with good food. Btw everything on the brunch menu is $12!!! But I have a feeling people are inclined to get other things like drinks and desserts. They have a pretty nice sophisticated menu ranging from things like duch confit, house smoked and cured salmon, braised short ribs and egg bennies, moules de frites, salads,baked good baskets and even macarons. All for decent prices(under $15 range).

There were also complimentary banana loaves/muffins that were deelicious! The servers were pretty lovely too.



After our blood sugar levels were stable, we hopped on the skytrain for two stops to go to our next destination; Yaletown.

Ah Yaletown, so beautiful and posh in comparison to the rest of downtown. Jimmy claimed he didn’t like it,”it was way too nice”, which of course was weird according to him. Yaletown is almost like a mini city itself, with lines of  restaurants of the fancier fare down Mainland Street, cafes,bakeries,health food stores. On the outskirts you get beautiful scenery especially on such a sunny day running down to False Creek and multiple parks with views of the water. We hung out at a dog park for a while and took pictures.







Oh and Yaletown contains many, many dogs. When we were walking to get ice cream, you run into a lot of pups while their owners are enjoying lunch on the patio. There’s also many fit moms and dads jogging along the seawalls, because let’s face it you lived there, the question is why wouldn’t you go for a jog/bike/walk?

After some confusion and wrong addresses(oops) we finally ended up at the art exhibit. I found the art work fairly ..interesting. Since I’m not much of an art concierge I’m not going to talk much about the art. But I did make sure to snap a few pics of the famous Campbell soup painting. I loved, loved the exhibit name though “A Different idea of Love”.




After the exhibit, we walked(or jay walked) across the street to the XOXOLAT. This shop is filled with every kind of artisan chocolate possible. Many our local from Canada/B.C/Vancouver. They also offer some samples ^_^





There were a row of high heels made from chocolate that I did not get a picture of. Seriously girls need their time with the chocolate.

To end of our day, we went to the nearest gelato place, also happens to be number one in North America in 2012 or something, Bella Gelateria, the new location. The interior is absolutely gorgeous, with strings or balls of lights suspending from the ceilings. Inside you find a stone oven and a chef rolling dough and making pizza on the spot. To the right is a few eager customers trying flavours of different ice creams. I love Bella because they offer such unique flavors from sources from France, Japan, Philippines..

They also have a just chocolate gelato menu, and non dairy sorbetto. Btw the chocolate sorbetto is sinfully delicious. No dairy, just lot of rich dark chocolate imported from France.  Highlight of my tasting experience was probably the Japanese sake, haha when I asked to try the flavor, the ice cream scooper asked to see my I.D. in which I thought “OH NO” but then he was just kidding!

After like six tastings and ten minutes of standing there I gave up and told them to surprise me because I really couldn’t decide today for some reason. In return I got another tasting of a green coconut-y gelato that tasted like a philiphino or vietnamese dessert. Eventually I ended up with choosing a classic, salted caramel(the first one I tasted lol). The server said I must have broken a record or something for picking ice cream flavours but he was awfully nice about it. Don’t expect this kind of slow service at their first location near Coal Harbour. The twenty minute lines in the summer…

The gelato was creamy, sweet, and full of sweet caramel and I found pieces of soft caramel embedded in the gelato which delightfully melted in my mouth. The serving was HUGE. My gosh and it better had been since the total came almost to $7. They also have two fountains of dripping sauce, dark chocolate and white matcha that coats the inside of the waffle cone and on the gelato itself. HAHA worth it.


Photo creds to Chiaki. Thanks for taking a back profile of my gelato:p

You can also see the intricate production of gelato in the production room.There’s these big metal cannisters labeled “Bella Gelateria” churning away. Also I spotted many bananas, probably from the banana bread gelato(omg delish contains chunk of banana bread) and the chocolate banana gelato.

I felted kind bad eating gelato that was dripping all over my hand while sitting at a table with wine glasses and fancy cloth napkins.. one of the waiters even asked us if we wanted water or anything.

Anyways that concluded my Saturday. It was such a nice break from the grueling tests at school, and I spent a lovely time with a few friends. The weather was splendid, as I expected it to rain today.

And for all you Game of Thrones fan, tomorrow’s the premier of season 5!!


I hope you’re all having a great weekend,


>> Places I mentioned

Catch 122 Bistro

Andy Warhol Exhibit


Bella Gelateria


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