Laughing Finds:Why Martha Stewart is Goals

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Roast of Justin Bieber from Comedy Central.

Comedy Central is a American based network showcasing shows that are often intended for more “mature audiences” and based on “comedy”(duh).

Comedy Central Roasts is a series that air on the network that involves the “roast” of different celebs with a crew of somewhat famous people. Most often the celebrities that get roasted are ones who have managed to develop a low opinion with the public, or are infamous for their ways. Another one I watched was the roast of James Franco. After a dozen of racist and pokings of the jewish community jokes, I finally gave up at staring at Franco’s dazed face; it seem he was quite enjoying the crude humiliation.

Now for J Biebs, I was excited. By now everyone knows of his DUIs, make up and break ups with singer/actor formal disney star Selena Gomez,reckless partying,drugs,prostitutes, and that incident with the monkey in Germany.

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The crew for roasting him was pretty well known too including comedian/actor Kevin Hart as the host. Rappers Ludacris(appeared in Bieb’s “hit” Baby)and Snoop Dogg(however you spell his name now). Females included comedian and actress Natasha Leggero and… Martha Stewart?! Other roasters included Shaquille O’Neal,Hannibal Buress,Chris D’Elia, and Jeffrey Ross dressed as a pope as the “roast master”.

What could this sweet and dainty 73 year old who builds an empire of making linens and non stick cookie trays have business on Justin Bieber’s death roast?

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Turns out Martha was one of my favorite parts. From her “brownie” references to a certain rapper to her sexual remarks to the roastee himself, it was sure a highlight of the episode.

Overall the roast was pretty fun to watch if you’re not a fan of Justin Bieber lols. But fans of Justin Bieber, you’ll be glad to know he handled himself like a man and even offered a sappy apology at the end which seemed to garnered him some respect.

And it’s probably the only show on televison where you’ll see grown ups smoking pot and drinking wine while insulting each other and calling a 21 year old boy a “lesbian”.


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