My New Favorite Spot: Liberty Cafe



It’s only been a few months or so since a quaint little cafe opened it’s windows that were previously covered in newspapers and a rundown sign promising a opening soon in the near fall or spring.

As a frequenter of Main Street, I walked past the mysterious “to be open” bakery several times over the year and wondered if it was ever going to open it’s doors.

And when it finally announced a pop-up tasting event(which I did not attend but heard about the next day via IG from food bloggers) and a light opening I was ecstatic. After creeping on their Instagram page and Twitter, I spied with my little eye some appealing looking pastries. And Totoro sugar cookies! Who could pass on those?

When I finally went because I had happen to have an eye appointment that day, the bakery completely overblew my expectations.

When you walk in(depending on which way you come in because there are two doors) you are either greeted with a long windowsill displaying beautiful,colorful and intricate cakes and glazed sugar cookies, croissants that pratically call your name and savoury muffins filled with veggies and cheese or meat, promising good variety in a bakery.


There’s an open,clean white kitchen with lines of baked goods being produced every hour and a stone oven, those ones that look like you make pizza in. Two friendly girls in the front are busy making coffees but they are ever so sweet in asking if they could help, giving you time when you’re indecisive aka me , and also offering you free samples of the cookies and treats they have that day. They also offer a variety of expresso drinks and tea, with non dairy milk options(with an extra charge).



The first time I went, after 5 minutes of standing there awkwardly trying to make up my mind on what to get, I finally went with a chocolate banana croissant and an almond milk cappuccino. This ain’t no Starbucks, you can really tell they take their time trying to get the coffee right. I picked up my croissant and grabbed a sample of the sugar cookie they were offering(of course!)  and went to find my seat.


When you walk in the seating room, you see the white walls are filled with interesting art pieces and frames. The little rectangular tables look modern,chic and pretty cute all at the same time splashed with pink and mint. Everywhere you look is decorated with fresh flowers and cute little vases, probably from the flower shop that’s a neighbor of theirs.






I would come back just for the decor and atmosphere. 10/10. For the coffee, it came in a blue ceramic type mug with matching dark navy plates that held the treats.

For the taste of the coffee, it was very strong and bold, almost a little too much for my liking. I didn’t think the almond milk meshed well with the coffee for some reason, but neverless it was a nice drink to be enjoyed with a nice view and good food. The croissant was fluffy,flaky and buttery as you would expect from a good croissant, with a good amount of dark chocolate filling and a little banana. The tops of the croissant is specked with dark chocolate, almost the texture of ground coffee beans. The sugar cookie was sweet ,soft and chewy. I saved half for my aunt to try.

The following week, I went again for a quick lunch. I ordered a latte which is bigger and a bit more expensive and a savoury veggie muffin filled with mushrooms,zucchini,tomatoes,scallions,goat cheese and egg.


The top of the muffin was eagerly golden and buttery while the bottom was moist,probably from all the veggie fillings and all. I didn’t find that there was a very strong taste of goat cheese because normally goat cheese is very prevalent on the tongue. I polished off the decent sized muffin and finished with some “dessert” that were the samples that day; a very chewy delicious chocolate chip and pecan(I think?) cookie and an Easter sugar cookie. One bite was just enough since they are pretty sweet!



I forsee I will be a weekly regular at this place, I love the whole ambiance and look of the cafe and so much more food to try! I must get my whole wheat ginger Totoro cookies someday!

They also offer lunch specials every day; they had two house made fresh soups(creamy tomato and basil and black bean tortilla that day),side salad and a quiche and salad combo that was sold out by the time I got there.

I think everything is pretty fairly priced for the quality and taste~you can get a decent sitting with under $10.

Of course (TMI?) I creeped the washrooms. Haha when I was little the first thing I would do in a restaurant was run to check out the bathrooms. Weird right? I would compare restaurants by the quality of their restrooms. Anyway the washroom looks like a little closet, on the inside it’s so cute of course there’s a framed quote/bright print and more plants resting on the windowsill.



Btw  I don’t think this is a cafe that’s great for a long sit down and studying because it is pretty busy. But for a quick bite, chat with a friend or breakie, I think it’s perfect.

Be sure to check out Liberty Cafe’s awesome instagram and tweets for updates on the menu and opening hours.

Follow them @libertyyvr on IG and Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed this review on Foodie Tuesday.

Till next week,



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