AHHH. But first let me say hi there. Haven’t posted seriously in a while. Truth be told,though my academic life made it difficult to log on to write and capture meaningful pictures, a part of me was just bored. Like bored with the blog. I questioned myself over and over again why I started it in the first place. If it was a waste of time or something actually worthwhile. I looked through my blog and quite frankly found it pretty random. Like there was no sense of direction.Which kind of would make sense considering the fact I never really plan my posts. I usually write what I feel in the moment. If I’m happy,sad,angry,procrastinating (insert other feelings). But its kind of a problem because sometimes I end up just writing about smoothies.Sometimes I just ramble. Now there is nothing wrong with smoothies or rambling,in which I love both of them. Its just sometimes its really hard to find inspiration to write after a long day when I just want to sleep for 55744447292 hours. Which is why one day, after coffee in the afternoon and at around 1 or 2 a.m I found myself itching to write a post. The days I left my blog untouched trickled onto more than a week. Inspiration sometimes came but there was not the effort to put it to action. I decided it was time for yet another change. Which brings me to my point that I am working and thinking of where I want to take this project of mine. Because in a way it is a personal project of growing,learning, and reflecting. But I realised this blog has become more about me,me,me. Obviously because it is technically a web diary created by you,based on you. But I originally created this space because I wanted to connect with people all over. I wanted to create content that would inspire and be helpful in some way. I realised that part of the satisfaction of blogging was getting feedback from people and knowing in a way you made a teeny tiny difference in a frame of someone’s day.I realised I was not trying hard enough to connect or even gain an audience. I confess that I am scared of commitment. Because in my mind I thought if I didn’t have a particular pattern,schedule or goal for my blog, it would be okay if I decided not to post in a while ,because no one would really care.

I remember a year ago,before this, I rambled on my positive vibes on facebook to the 20ish people in most were people I knew but I felt a sense of relief or accomplishment each time after I wrote. I didn’t care much for the ‘likes'(but thanks girlie for following me all this way you know who you are;) but I was glad to see when my posts reached people. Because I thought if I made an impact in at least one persons day, I would be happy. Getting that one message from someone who said my words were making a difference or encouragement was enough for me. I want my blog to not just be about me,me,me but to aid orĀ  inspire someone in someway. And about the times I thought about quitting,100% it was laziness. Like why would I write when I could make my life easier by watching a rerun of New Girl. Uh like no. Do I want to look back at this, that could have been something special or was special. I think I rather go with the latter.

Thus, as I said changes are coming. In a way I feel like I’m at the beginning again. Scoping out new ideas and into new realms.I think my goal is to have a more regular posting schedule with regular alike posts rather than a random mess of things. Writing with intention keeping the audience in mind. But of course always using my own voice(or writing voice as I like to call it). Hopefully these changes will start trickling in by Monday. I understand I’m actually scared. I don’t know if I’ll pull through with it. But I think I commit to at least a month and take it from there. I’m scared of judgement like would people judge me If I did this ( )?.

What to expect. Well first and upmost there will be less(but still a lot lol) of the random tibits of my average life. Less random food pics because 90% of my life is me eating. The other 10% is like sleeping,school and watching bs on hahahha. But I do have other interests I’d like to talk about. This was not intended to be a food blog though I do enjoy talking about foodXD.Please be patient with me while I’m still trying to figure things out.

Whew I feel like that was a long rant.But I feel like I need to get it out before it was too late. If you have any tips for blogging or your first year of blogging please feel free to share. I would much appreciate it =) And here is a mini sneak peek to what’s most likely coming next..


Hehe sharing recipes,reviews, and all sorts of foodieness because that’s part of who I am:) I’m pretty proud of my donut.


Ranging from topics like how to get yourself together(we can encourage each other!:’D), feeling good in your skin, self love, beauty, and breeching into health and fitness.

Thanks as always to whoever stayed to listen.



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