Day in My Life: Sun Run+Eats


Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope everyone’s having a great,relaxing weekend. A Confident Monday post is coming up, I’m just taking a little longer with it because I want it to be detailed. It’s going to be another of the health posts in the health debunked series. For now, I’m sharing my experience with the Vancouver Sun Run and the week leading up to it. Continue reading


Signs You’re Stressed and How to Deal With It

Hello everyone!! I hope you’re all having a good week. Today the weather where I’m living is grumpy… cold,rainy and bipolar. Which is why I’m going through cups and cups of hot tea and catching up on some work I reallly need to get done.

I’m also introducing Thursday Tea Time and Chats, which is where I will basically be touching on life’s daily hurdles,emotions,rants and possibly reviews on things that I’m loving.



So grab a mug of tea, and let’s chat.

Today’s topic is stress.

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Foodie Tuesdays:Lunch at PICA



A sunny Tuesday morning was spent spent on the docks of the beautiful Granville Island, and a three course lunch commenced in Vancouver’s own finest culinary institute.

This is a review of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, and also a little peek into my life:)

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Confident Mondays: Four Things Girls are Self Conscious of(and why they shouldn’t be!)



We all know as girls, we have it pretty hard. From weird bodily functions to wardrobe mishaps and frustration and keeping our hair in one place; and that just skims the surface.

I find that most girls, if not all of the ones I have met in my lifetime are somewhat self conscious of something. Our species basically feeds on low self esteem, and it’s sad really. These beautiful,intelligent,funny, and kind people get down on their selves, because they find aspects of themselves not “good enough”.

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Day In My Life: Meeting Sarah Britton from My New Roots


Happy Friday! Something super exciting happened yesterday… I got the pleasure of meeting Sarah Britton!

She has one of the most popular plant based/food blogs out there, and no surprise because her blog My New Roots, is absolutely stunning. When I stumbled upon it a few years ago, I remember instantly falling in love with her beautiful recipes, minimalist theme, kind personality and stellar photography.

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Heartwarming Wednesdays+ Creative Blog Nomination



Happy Wednesday! I guess I should rename this post as “heartwarming” Wednesdays rather than “laughing”.

I just wanted to share with you this little thing I found that was so cute,heartwarming and inspiring ahh. So if you have a few moments, read on and prepare to die of awsey feels.

Also the second part of the post will be about my creative blog nomination

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Taco Tuesday:Battle of the Tacos



On this week’s Foodie Tuesday,it’s all about.. you guessed it, Tacos! Ah tacos, the beloved Mexican and Latin American street food, to get it right is actually quite difficult.

Luckily in Vancouver, you will find the taco scene is slowly becoming the hot topic, with hip little taquerias popping up everywhere, line ups, sizzling marinated and tender cuts of meats, traditional garnishes,salsa,pimentos and spices, and chefs going with free range and sustainable options; the expansion is surely exciting.

Today’s review will go from the cheaper end of where you can get tacos(under $10) to the more expensive fare(above $10) and of course middle ground too!Taste,service,and variety will all be considered. Which one will be the winner? Read on to find out!

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