International Happiness Day 2015

Only picture of a balloon I could find:P Taken in the spring of 2014.

Only picture of a balloon I could find:P Taken in the spring of 2014.

Hello everyone, Happy International Happiness Day!

TBH I just found out this morning and technically it was yesterday(March 20,2015).

But seriously, how fitting, because I was just thinking of writing a post reflecting about how my year went so far and talking about my feelings in relations to happiness.

Okay real talk. This is a post that doesn’t spam you with food pictures and flowers 😛

So if you know me, I’m in the second to last year of highschool. Honestly this year hit me hard. Like I didn’t expect to struggle this much. By “struggle” I mean not having the grades I was used to getting  or not as good as I have hoped. Which really sucked. Was mega stressful at times. And I didn’t know if things would look up which was frustrating because you know, university applications. EEK.

Buuut… seriously. This one year(like not even) of my life in highschool is not going to be anything in the long-term scheme of things. It will soon be tucked away in the back of my memories that will be filled with new memories of fun adventures,meeting new people over the years, and foood. Haha just like the fourth grade(also not a very proud year).

I’ve seen people who are doing great(good for them) and others who are stressing,crying, falling.. and I just want to give them a big hug and say it’s alright… I feel youu.

I want to tell them that things that seem so big and “insurmountable” will be reduced to peas later on, and that it can always get better. There’s no point of dwelling on what you could have done better; the only thing you can do is trying to move on and improve yourself.

And this applies to any time of your life, not just highschool.

Sure this year has had its low moments due to school and stress, but overall when I look back into the summertime, over the past couple of months, over these two glorious weeks of break; life has been pretty good. I don’t get anxious as much. I sleep a lot more “suitable” hours. I find more peace, more often within myself and my surroundings.I’ve learn to take time to really “awe” over things, no matter how little.I take times to be grateful for what I have or what I have experienced that day. Someone mentioned to me the other day that they had noticed it’s been raining a lot more this year. I was shocked. I actually thought there was way less rain this year. And I usually notice these things because I have(or had) an extreme dislike for rain. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been noticing the “sunny” and bright days more than the gloomy rainy ones. Or maybe it’s just I have learned to appreciate days of raindrops,shady rooms,movies and blankets.

The time I spent with my friends has also increased. Now I have different people I can reach out to, but I also learned to like being alone sometimes. The hikes, the walks,sleepovers,coffee and brunches have all been highlights, and I can now look back at them time after time because I’ve captured them into timely photographs.

Looking back at my blog posts, though it been a mere few months since I started writing, I can note my highlights and lows, and the happiness I’ve experienced described in those posts. Also the gratitude I have experienced in days and weeks.

I hope whatever stage you are in of your own personal happiness, you can take in account of all the opportunities and accomplishments you have encountered and all those highlights in which I’m sure you have if you think a little harder.  Things happen in our lives all the time that’s not best in our favour or disappointing, but this is normal. It gives you the space to grow out from it and become a stronger person. The number of those “tough days” you have is so small in comparison to all the wonderful things and people that occur daily.

I hope you not only take this day, but the rest of your days to appreciate this life. To always aim higher, but be happy with where you are today, for now.

Cheers to happiness,



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