Loving Life

Schools Out. Let’s all shout. Well not quite.

One more week till Spring Break ^_^ And it’s two weeks.

I’m so excited to do purely nothing clean out my room and declutter mentally.

Despite the never-ending stress of school, I’m trying to focus on the good things that’s been happening in my life.Even if it’s just little things like enjoying a sunny day, eating really good food, spending time with friends..ect.

Like this weekend, I finally got around to that yoga date with Rachel. We both got a really great workout, and I’m really proud of the fact she sweated a bit because she’s like cold-blooded:P And we went out for lunch at this really hip Lebanese place on main. It was a gorgeous day and I got to see the first blooms of cherry blossoms. So pretty!

Later in the day, I met up with some friends to film for an english project on Paradise Lost. We laughed over nothing and it was friggen cold outside. I was in my blue monkey-with-a-halo robe and Jessica was clad with a green unicorn tank top and a soft zebra striped robe. We were attempting to be Adam and Eve from the bible…obviously our logic was on point. Later that evening I made dark hot chocolate spiked with some rum(shh) to keep me warm;)

Also now that I’m done my work experience at dentistry, I’m continuing my volunteering and my latest has been at Feed Life, a holistic nutrition counselling team based in Vancouver.It’s been very exciting working with them, and I’m grateful that the people who run this are so kind and passionate.I basically been helping out with the workshops that focus on nutrient dense eating,cooking skills, and vegan lifestyle held at the Juice Truck store.


Last Sunday was super fun! The workshop was the last day of a two-day workshop and I helped prep the lunches for the attendees.

lunch3 lunch2

We made some collard green wrap stuffed with coconut bacon,massaged red cabbage,sprouts,vegan roasted garlic mayo and tomato. For the main, we made zucchini and daikon “pasta” with raw sun-dried tomato marinara:)

I met the awesome nutritionist, and mastermind behind all the delicious recipes, Eden, who turned out to be so sweet and inspirational.


Psst coconut bacon is highly addictive.

There was also another volunteer who I ended up getting along so well with. She’s in second year in UBC planning to go into dietetics. We talked so much from dehydraters, to making date balls, and maca powder and bonded over the leftover cashew cheese which we scarfed down with marys crackers and zucchini slices.


And stayed nourished with some cold pressed juice. I chose a sweeter selection today.


Tis was a fun day. Plus all the food we made was super easy and yummy. I felt tres healthy.

Anyways over the break I’m planning to make more yummy recipes,clean/plan redecorating my room,sleeep, run more(which I have been doing!),have baking dates,volunteer,spend time with friends and go out for yummy coffee.Hopefully I can spend more time here, blogging:)

Here’s to happy days, in one week.

xo Naomi


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