Resolutions #2: Foodie’s Dilemma

This is going to be a hard one.

So I have this love for food.And for a fling with urbanspoon that lasted you know, a few months too many.And instagram.Many of the places I found out about via instagram such as Cartems Donuterie’s delicious gormet donuts,hmm The Juice Truck, and I’m sure there’s more I can’t list at the moment.

I never was a big going out to restaurants person. In fact I ate primarily at home since I loved cooking.In fact I would go weeks without going out of the comforts of my home to eat; even when I was invited by my mom/aunt/dad.

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I guess one day I just had a craving to explore different restaurants.And I did.


It exploded into this love for dining out,tasting new things, enjoying and savouring the flavors I was experiencing, and having epic omg  moments. But there definitely was a down side to this mini obsession. The costs and the highering expectations.


I went through phases where I would go out basically everyday; I think once i even had most of my meals out. Yikes spending that amount of money in a day or a week is not a very good habit or very cost friendly.I was constantly craving more and more and drooling over the pictures on Urbanspoon in which I visited quite often.

Eating out is fun and all, but there comes a point in which you’re sitting there eating your food, and it has lost its gleam or excitement that once came with these occasions.Or you think to yourself “I can make this at home, or even a better version”.

And sometimes because your expectations are so high for that 8 dollar sandwich, and it just ends up not tasting so great.

I had a lot of errs in my experience of eating out. Sometimes the food just doesn’t match up to its expectations and you’re left feeling kind of sad and empty pocketed:’)

That being said, I’m making a resolution to stop eating out so much. Make more simple,creative,flavorful,home-y and equally tasty dishes at home. It’s healthier and more cost friendly–I’d like to save some of that money or spend some of it on things like moisturizer,natural scrubs exfoliants, bright pink lipstick, a new pair of get the gist. Or maybe to save up for a massage or yoga classes. Things that will make my body and my mind feel good:) Because the joy of eating that $3 donut only lasts minutes unfortunately.

I’d like to come back in tune with my body’s intuitions, rather than the new gastronomical post on twitter.

But keep in mind that I’m not quitting restaurant or coffee adventures completely. I’m just cutting back to maybe once or twice max a week. I feel like enjoying these moments in smaller quantities will make the experience more memorable.

And so let’s wave goodbye to my recent eats,














Cheers to more healthy homemade meals and happy wallets.
xo Naomi


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