Gratitude a Day +Eats+Post Valentine Day

I’m writing this on a glorious Sunday Morning.

It’s been a pretty bleak and rainy few weeks so it was nice to wake up to the sun streaming through the blinds when I woke up.

I wobbled into the kitchen and for some reason thought to myself “it’ll be really nice if I could have a bowl of strawberries right now”. And look what I found.


I sat down an wrote a post Choose Your Own Happiness, something that’s been on my mind for a while and resonates with me.

I took advantage of this sunshine to take my dog out for a walk. We walked our usual route, but afterwards I let him run free around the field of my old elementary school.  Oh yeah and I walked into a tree(or branches) and laughed at myself.


After I came back, it was breakfast time! Dug out a stash of tea in my cupboard, Tazo organic chai and started making some  oatmeal. Yummy soothing way to start off the day:)



oats cooked with soy milk, volumized with chia seeds,bananas, topped with chopped dates,walnuts,unsalted chunky peanut butter.


And how cool is my retro soup mug.Fetch.

choco1 choco

Oh hi dur puppy.

After procrastinating a bit on Facebook, I got my butt downstairs to Starbucks to study. I managed to finish a review package for the physics mid-term. Yay for productivity!

I got back and was starving from drinking coffee and working my brain.I chopped some veggies, cooked them in the pan, scrambled an egg and cooked some fluffy quinoa as a side.


I also gave it a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and black pepper. Yum! Nice to fill my stomach with healthy food and it was warm, a change from the salads I’ve been having all week.

Tip: I added a dash of soy milk to the scrambled egg mixture to give it a fluffier/softer result and made sure not to over cook it.

And also for you quinoa lovers out there, a tip for making sure your quinoa doesn’t get burnt on the bottom is to remove the pot from the element as soon as the timer goes off(I always do 15 min after I turn down to simmer), and of course using the right amount of water and turning it down to simmer as soon as it begins to boil.

And shortly after, Ivy came by to deliver her awesome baked goods. Yay for snickerdoodle muffins:D Hehe not so healthy but hey at least it was whole wheat.


Alas it was dinner time, and we have a nice family dinner. It was congee night I guess for those of you who don’t know, congee is basically just cooked rice cooked again in some water to make it a porridge like consistancy. I asked my mom what kind of meat this was, and she said chicken. I was like haha what part of the chicken is that suppose to be? She was like the whole thing they just chop it in half, eat everything. Lol the Asian way of eating animals. Ain’t nobody got time for low fat chicken breast. And I got plenty of tofu ❤


Oh and Valentine’s Day. The most controversially love it or hate it holiday ever. How was yours? I hope everyone had a pleasant day and enjoyed the company of their very awesome own self,friends or significant other.I actually made a pre valentine dinner for the fam. Lol just kidding, I just wanted meatballs.I had made these in cooking class for our valentine day lunch and they were a hit. So easy peasy too, thanks to Martha Stewart for the lovely recipe.


Excuse my got out of the shower in the morning,got through the day and then woke up from a nap hair:P

Excuse my got out of the shower in the morning,got through the day and then woke up from a nap hair:P


Loving this apron!




On the actual day, I had work experience at the dentist. Exciting huh? But I got off early because there were no more patients until 3 ^_^ and said my goodbyes since it would be my last time. I am officially done work experience! Even though at times I was bored out of my mind, there definitely were some interesting moments from my experience of which included but not limited to seeing teeth being pulled out and botox. Plus the people there treated me kindly, even though I was probably an annoying little twerp wandering around and staring at what they were doing and the patients so I am grateful for them.

I went over to Jessica’s house(because I couldn’t handle looking at any more couples in public) for a yoga date. Make it free hot yoga date. YYOGA was giving out free yoga classes “spread the love” on Valentines Day. Well at least I can cross hot yoga off my bucket list. I have mixed feelings about hot yoga. At some points I was like “psh I can do this, this ain’t so bad” and other times I was like “drowning in my own sweat” as J put it, and vowing never to do this again. But honestly, I would totally do it again lol.

image source from

image source from

And then I ended Valentine’s Day with making my dad driving my mom and I to get pho. Sooo romantic, right?

Oh and look who decided to be romantic this year?


I still remember my dad once gave me a singing dog with a creepy face wearing black boxers with hearts and hershey kisses on Valentines Day.



I have no idea how this beautiful little rose ended up upside down. I love flowers, but I’m so bad at taking care of them 😥

Exhibit A: My trying to survive coffee bean plant


My final thoughts on Valentines Day:

I like it. Seeing people in love and the flowers and stuff is pree cute. I almost teared up(happy tears) listening to the serenades going on at our school. Props to the choir girls. I wouldn’t exactly make heart-shaped sugar cookies and chocolate though. But I did make black bean brownies last year 😀

I am grateful waking up to a good mood, sunny skies,good food,friends and lovely flowers.

I am grateful or once in weeks I’m not having an anxiety attack on the many tests I have/ am not prepared for or succumbing to numbness.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

And again apologies for the inconsistency of my posts. I’ve been kind of avoiding the computer so studying purposes hehe.



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