Resolutions #1: Eggs and Bacon


This resolution is so common but it’s so important for your health. Obviously everyone knows we need a serving of eggs and bacon everyday to maintain good health right? But it’s so hard sometimes, what if we’re out of bacon? What if I’m too lazy to go out and get bacon? Do I go with free range or regular. Oh the horror. 

Okay so I was kidding about the bacon.

What I really meant was exercise.

I just like saying EGGS-ser cise ever since I saw this.


Confession. I actually like exercise.

Confession. I don’t always do it.

I think the key to staying active is finding something you love and developing an habitual schedule.

The thing is when things start to get busy, I get so overwhelmed that sometimes I feel like taking care of myself is a waste of time. It goes from skipping that yoga or dance class for a week, then two weeks, then a month.  The thing is I skip these sessions thinking I’m saving time and prioritizing it on something more important like school.

But in the long run, if you don’t take care of your body well, you might burn out somewhere down the line.

I know everyone is busy,busy busy. I’m often too busy or too tired for exercise. But 30 minutes a day won’t kill ya.

That 30 minutes you spend on Facebook,twitter or instagram, or watching videos on your recommended list.

Trust me, get out of the house or pick up some weights. You will feel awesome.

So, one of my most important resolutions that goes into taking care of my body is exercising regularly. And moisturizing, but that’s whole other post.

I’ll also be training for the Vancouver Sun Run ^_^ It was loads of fun last year and the training kicked my butt and sometimes made me consider never to run again.Overdramtic much.But for reals…


I will also try to go to the gym at least once lol if my friend’s free pass that’s waiting for me hasn’t expired yet.. :p

And yoga. My soul sister who I have abandoned . I will try my best to get back into classes(and waste less money on food lol)

1785 154

Kickboxing is also on the list.

Abs and arm workouts.

Hopefully skiing again.

What’s my routine currently?

I actually have no routine. Which is kind of bad because there’s nothing to motivate me. I try to run with the group at school whenever there’s a training day.We usually run through the forest, and do hilly routes and some intervals. Once or twice a week I’ll go to a dance class downtown if my schedule’s pretty clear. I walk my dog every day for around 30 minutes. Some nights if I feel like it, I’ll pick up some light weights and do arm,abs or leg exercises while watching t.v. Yeah, so I don’t really have a rigid routine I follow and I have been pretty lazy:p

What is my goal?

My goal is to stay active throughout the year and allow myself to go for a run, a walk or enjoy a workout with a friend, even when I feel like I have no time for it because I know it’s good for my mind and body. I also want to try newer activities like kickboxing, crossfit,sking and snowshoeing(but no snow:/). I’d love to hike Squamish.


(Hiking Grouse with a pink tote bag because that’s how I roll)

Any other fitness tips or ideas you guys recommend? Shoot away in the comments below.

And how does excercise make you feel? It makes me feel refreshed, energized and confident.

Good luck to me, and any of you who have the same goals.

Any if getting out of bed isn’t your thing, then this works to –>>




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