Catch up

Heyy I haven’t posted in a while, just thought I would check in! It’s actually been a pretty hectic past few weeks, and now it’s finally dying down(hopefully).Yes it’s been pretty stressful with school, but I also noticed I seem to be in a better mood these days! I guess sometimes you just have to charge through the day with a positive attitude and hope you make it out alive ^_^

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. It’s been so sunny and warm here… I smell spring coming!

I am so excited for the change in season. The days are getting longer aka it’s not pitch black by four. The birds are chirping, and its perfect weather for running,badminton, maybe some outdoor yoga? Oh and the sunsets are even prettier than usual!

Speaking of which I finally went running(in like two weeks oops) with my running buddy who lives down the street.It was quite glorious to move my legs,bath in the sun, and work my lungs. A tad nervous for the Sun Run marathon coming up in a few months. I have not been getting as much training as I would’ve hoped in this year. Hopefully I’m more fit than I was a year ago..

And spring time calls for salad season and detox smoothies yay.I’ve been cuddling with these as a side to my tv watching.

Big spinach salad with cucumber,celery,red pepper,shredded carrot,raisins,almonds dressed in homemade vegan honey dijon dressing.

Big spinach salad with cucumber,celery,red pepper,shredded carrot,raisins,almonds dressed in homemade vegan honey dijon dressing.

Drinking up yo greens.

Drinking up yo greens.


I tried this new funky vegetable today.When you open the base of the fennel with your knife, you see a giant bulb highly resembling an onion. It smells nothing like onion though! It’s kind of has a minty-zingy-lemongrass-fresh taste/scent.  The shoots coming out of the base resemble celery sticks with fuzzy leaves at the top that look like fresh dill. Weird hybrid.Fennel has a great range of antioxidants and phytonutrients, including anethole, found in it’s volatile oil. In animal studies, anethole seems to reduce inflammation and the volatile oil is great at protecting the liver. Our livers are responsible for processing/cleaning out toxic waste and fats. It’s also a great source of fibre and vitamin C.


Or this.


Life sounds pretty good to me.

And I’m also 110% obsessed with coconut yogurt! I got a few from Superstore, 25% off! Coconut yogurt is made from organic coconut meat and fermented to make yogurt.


I’ve also been trying to study at the library more. Seee balancing not procrastinating and getting things done with laziness and down time equals a happy me.

And this long weekend, I’ve been shutting myself out..kind of. Sort of just turning off social media and catching up on some good old brain wrecking television.Is anyone else into Revenge? I’m a sucker for shows wrapped up in drama and beautiful people.

I’ve also been spending some time with my family including cousins, over Chinese New Year. Happy Year of the Ram! All the goat and lamb pics have been giving me the cutey feels.

Like check out this cute poster from Yyoga


I don’t know sometimes social media is fun and all and taking ten minutes to instagram your food, but sometimes it’s nice just to put the camera/phone/device down and enjoy the moment.Be present with the people you are with and make more meaningful conversations than “hey what filter should I use?”. Plus hey the food is getting cold.

So yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been up to. Definitely happier these days. And very grateful for it. I try not to take them for granted, since not everyday is filled with brightness(though I try to look at the glass half full;)

And if you celebrate Chinese New Years, you know the perks of it. Free cash for your piggy banks! What are you spending it on first? Or are you saving it? Hehe I’m spending it on a much needed massage session. 110% being judged by my mom.

Happy weekends,

xo Naomi


Gratitude a Day +Eats+Post Valentine Day

I’m writing this on a glorious Sunday Morning.

It’s been a pretty bleak and rainy few weeks so it was nice to wake up to the sun streaming through the blinds when I woke up.

I wobbled into the kitchen and for some reason thought to myself “it’ll be really nice if I could have a bowl of strawberries right now”. And look what I found.

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Choose your own happiness

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”

Life can be an unearthly balance, some days can be filled with undeniable happiness, while other days be consumed with dread and worrying. On those days, we tend to yearn for closing ourselves in and being left alone. In other words, the curling in a ball and crying, the mindless movie watching or t.v. show bingeing, the box of chocolates/or chips/ice cream/comfort food.All these things you see portrayed in the media that teaches you how to medicate in these situations. And sometimes it’s okay to let it out, in fact it’s healthy. We all need days to just be utterly alone and think, some people more than others. That is perfectly fine, but at one point we must ask ourselves, will crying and avoiding the situation make it any better. Sure these feelings will temporarily come and go, each time hitting us with more cruelty and then in relief, buried to the back of our minds while we get distracted with other things. Maybe we don’t like to deal with our messy feelings because we’re scared of facing them and the reason behind them.

I definitely had my fair share of sadness in my little lifetime, whether how mild it was is beside the point. I know how hard in the moment it is to deal with some things. Sometimes how hard it is to keep it bottled up.I’ve been practicing to challenge the negative thoughts catapulting into my conscience, resulting into these “sad” days and mucky feelings.

One of the things I ask myself is “what’s the worst thing that can happen”. I find that once I try to conjure the most horrible scenario possible, if I can deal with that somehow, the rest doesn’t seem so bad. I find that taking a short or long walk really helps me think, and clears my mind. I try to work my brain a little, disconnecting the little wires that build up the overwhelming battery of loathing or sadness.In the moment, I try to give myself a little pep talk, “take a breath”, “you’re going to be okay,you always do”..ect.

Sometimes it’s good to just say it aloud, depending on how personal the matter you’re dealing with is. Sometimes it’s funny to say it out loud, and hear someone’s opinion.

“I feel like dying in a hole right now”

“Haha. Welcome to the club”

It’s nice sometimes to confide in someone else,rather than bouncing the same ball in your head over and over again.

And I know there are days where you just feel so lonely. That you have no one to turn to, no one who would care to understand, the world is against you. But honestly, I don’t believe there is not at least one person you can talk to. It doesn’t even have to be about your issues, you can talk about cats if you wanted to. Just temporarily another person can be an oasis from the desert you’re suffocating in.Maybe you’ll end up talking about the problems you’re dealing with, maybe not. At least hopefully you had a laugh, or the feeling of someone being on the other side of the line.

Secondly, you have a choice of who your surround yourself with. If the people or person you associate with doesn’t have you at best interest or makes you feel like crap, don’t hang out with them. I know, easier said than done.Confrontation is hard, and it can get messy. Maybe try slowly backing out of the relationship if that is possible. Or tell them how you feel. If they don’t try to understand where you’re coming from or they give you crap for it, just let it go. You deserve to have a range of people who genuinely care about you, who make you laugh, who make you feel at ease with or carefree and internally good.

You have a choice of who your surround yourself with, and you have a choice of how you deal with situations.

Obviously we are not perfect. We can’t be obscenely happy all the time, and that’s okay. It’s the little accomplishments, when you’re able to turn your mood around even for a few hours or a day that makes a difference. Because you know you can do it.

Life gets tough sometimes, but if we chose to focus on the everyday kindness that is met with us and the will to swim out of the pool of disparity, I believe we can make it.

xo Naomi

Gluten Free Expo 2k15

I started a new page on my blog dedicated to all things Vancouver. It’s under “Raincouver Fun”, because how fitting. It’ll contain posts on restaurants,different parts of the city,activities and generally just life in Vancouver. Either if you live in Vancouver or you’re just interested in what goes on in different cities of the world, feel free to check it out.

The city of Vancouver has a very strong food scene,the abundance of coffee critics, local food and health consciousness.

Just over the past year or so, I have attended three food expos. Basically these expos are a showcase of different companies and businesses(lots of locals and ) who set up venues to promote their food products.

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Resolutions #1: Eggs and Bacon


This resolution is so common but it’s so important for your health. Obviously everyone knows we need a serving of eggs and bacon everyday to maintain good health right? But it’s so hard sometimes, what if we’re out of bacon? What if I’m too lazy to go out and get bacon? Do I go with free range or regular. Oh the horror.  Continue reading