Weekend Reflections+ a Review

Do I have time to blog?

The answer is no.

Am I going to do it anyways?


I had a pretty interesting week with it’s fair share of good things,disppointment and reality checks.I feel like it would be good for me to sit back and do some good old reflecting.Sometimes we’re so focused on moving forward as fast as possible, or avoiding confrontation with not so great situations that we tend to miss some things.

So let’s start the week off fresh. Acknowledge, let go and move forward.


What can i say about Mondays? Oh well at least I had Friday off. Gotta finish my essay that’s due tomorrow. Thankfully I got most of it done during the week:) Little accomplishments guys.


What the actual heck. Did the test that everyone cried about afterwards. Lit 12 honours is never a good idea.Preceed to give up on life. But honestly it wasn’t that bad because everyone was kind of in the same boat. At least I managed to complete the test and write decent length paragraphs. DON’T CRY. It was a pretty bad day, but hey it can only get better from here right? I also got something back from another class that I did reallllly bad on, like I actually wanted to go home and cry and it wasn’t even lunch yet. But I asked the teacher if I could do something to improve my mark, even though I’m really bad at confrontation, and he was fine with it. I learned that the worst they can say is no. Oh and sorry to anyone I was mean at, I was having a bad day lol.


Set some goals for the week. Feeling more positive.


Went home and died. I was faced with some personal difficult matters, it was saddening but something I seen coming for a long time, so kind of a reality check:(


Finally, finally, went to a yoga class. I woke up at 8:30 and it was as I decribed it “luxurous”. I went to a very light 75 minute hatha class. My body really needed this. That shoulder blade stretch was the best thing ever. Afterwards I had lunch and met up with a few friends to check out this relatively new bakery, Bakery Sate for afternoon tea. We walked in to a modern, chic rustic-y but bright bakery. It had a display with their beautiful cakes and puffs. Further down the counter you find fresh loafs of bread,3 different flavours of croissants, and a range of cookies,muffins,brioche and scones.The kitchen was revealed with a large glass window so you could see the two pastry chefs working away.The energy was very positive.The seats were all filled up with people chatting,having dessert and instagramming.The pastry chefs appeared happy behind the windows. We were all very indecisive because everything looked so good.The girl at the counter was very helpful as she asked us if we wanted sample of the cakes. And of course we said yes. She gave us a sample of the praline hazelnut cake, and the matcha sesame cake. They were both really good, but too bad my taste buds were kinda paralyzed by mint flavor from the gum I was chewing before:( I really liked the thick layer of “pudding” at the top layer of the cake. The crust was very light and thin and the sesame really stood out. I finally decided on a matcha cream puff and a latte while my friends decided on chocolate croissant and the matcha sesame cake. We went outside to sit because there was no seats available inside.

10942450_746848662065951_1062019848_n (1)

Chocolate croissant


Matcha Sesame Cake


Matcha Cream Puff

(photo credits goes to Arathy)

This is when it started to go downhill. Both Jessica and I got regular lattes and were very disappointed. It was basically very foamy, like when we got to the bottom it was still foamy.Strike one. The coffee we found was overly bitter and not very smooth tasting. Strike 2. It got cold quickly because we were sitting outside and in the end we just couldn’t drink anymore.It sat unpleasantly in our stomach. Now the food. Looks promising right? Well looks can be decieving. The I bit into the matcha puff and literally cringed. Apparently my face was pretty funny at that moment. I feel bad for saying this but…. the “cream” filling tasted like mold. And yes I have tasted moldy desserts before. Sometimes I make baked goods with banana and leave it out for too long and eat it, and I find strings of white goo when I break it apart. That was what it tasted like. The crust of the puff was kind of hard and crispy instead of light and chewy.The flavor of the crust was sweet and acceptable. But the filling didn’t really have a distinct matcha taste to it. Overall I was just very confused with this poor little puff. My friend also did not like her matcha cake. She said it was overly “salty” and she prefered a sweeter dessert. I did have a bite of it and actually liked it the way it was.So I guess mixed reviews. The croissant was apparently good, but quite average. The chocolate filling was minimal and the croissant itself looked quite big. Overall we did not haver a great experience with the food and were left kind of disappointed. We were expecting it to be pretty good judging on it’s raving reviews after just opening for a few months. But I’m sure the people working there work very hard for this passion, and I do wish them sucess. They’re not a “boring bakery” by far and have great branding in terms of their beautiful logo,simplicity and authenticity. Maybe I just have to try something else if I ever do have the chance to come back. That’s the thing with exploring. Sometimes you go on great adventures and sometimes thing don’t turn out excatly the way you wanted. But that is a-okay.

After that to “cleanse our palette”, the two of us who were left went to Tealips to “study”. She lives around the area and has still never been. Tealips is a cool hangout area/cafe to get tea as the name suggests,bubble tea,smoothies,asian style milkshakes,shaved ice ,sandiwiches and of course waffles! They have many options of dessert waffles, from banana and nutella to matcha and red bean. I like Tealips because they take the time and effort to prepare the food and make it look appealing.My avacado pesto sandwich was on some fancy herbed foccacia bread, toasted and generously filled with lots of avacados and some veggies.

We failed to get any work done(I had two sentences written down:p) but we had a nice 3 hour long needed talk about life. We haven’t had a chance to actually talk about something other the daily nuisances and chit-chat we encounter at school. So many feelings. It felt like we we’re clearing out our souls and it felt really good at the same time. We ended up walking back to her house and I stayed for dinner(at like 10pm lol). Did I get what was I suppose to do done? No. But was it worth it? Hella yes.


I made a smoothie as opposed to the usual oatmeal mix for breakfast.


Strawberry mooshake

And it was absolutely delish. I make a lot of smoothies in a year, and truth is not all of them turn out perfect. But this one did turn out yummy and fulfilling and was a great start to my day. I packed a simple quinoa and veggie salad with EVOO and pumpkin seeds and a bag of nuts for my day of volunteering.

Destination today. Gluten Free Expo.

I signed up for this months ago after seeing some kind of ad for it. When the day came, honestly I was unsure. I was more accustomed to volunteering with friends because I found it was always more fun. After a moment  of self doubt, I thought what the heck and just went. And I’m so glad I did! It was actually so much fun… well because free food. Note I have been to two other expos(Food Fest and VegExpo).

I arrived around noonish, and it was already packed with people. I noticed people with big tote bags filled with gluten-free goodies, complimentary crackers and pamphlets and such. Seemed like everyone was on a shopping trip.

My job was pretty boring, and I didn’t have a actual break for lunch so I sneaked some food in ten minutes before my shift and during my break near the end^_^ Gosh, that vegan bacon stand with their little finger sandwiches and salads mocked me as I stood there in my shift for 3+hours


They had a mascot too.


When my shift ended I circled the room and grabbed as much samples as I could stuff down my face lol. I’m going to be writing a little review on this expo,since it’s too much to fit into this post:) Anyways it was super fun and I went back the next day because I got a free pass for volunteering. The volunteer coordinator was super nice and hardworking and made the experience that much better. And I have misjudged the potential of gluten-free food. Sowwies.


It’s like gluten free Halloween.


Fam jam time and back to the expo. Had a nice walk on top of Canada place(while dying in food coma) and marvelled at how pretty Vancouver was(as if I didn’t already know). Sorry that darn Vancouverite pride. Had the energy for once to go shopping and found a beautiful pair of shoes that I didn’t buy:( Still regretting it. Sometimes you just gotta “carpe diem” it and buy those shoes. Lesson learned.  I stayed longer downtown then I expected just by myself, and had a nice conversation about food expos,Wholefoods and free range beef with this nice lady working at Mac.

The week had it’s ups and downs, but I’m really glad I got to experience some different things and have some necessary conversations. Life can’t always be perfect, but looking back, there’s been some good times.

Oh and something I learned is that you know those people you envy for having the “perfect” obstructionless, happy or exciting lives.Honestly, no one is perfect. We all have our own struggles. Even people who seem to have it all figured out, sometimes don’t have it all figured out. Self doubt,anixety,and sadness is amongst the things that everyone has to deal with one point or another, or even on a daily basis. Don’t just assume they have it all, and feel bad about it. Know that you’re not alone.

I hope your week is going great so far. I’m trying to get some more sleep in:)

Best wishes,



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