Friday and Tacos

The week is finally coming to an end! It’s time to kickback, study, hang with friends and blog.

I know if you’re working or in school, some weeks can be stressful,dull or mellow,so it’s nice to have a day or two to RELAX.

Seriously ya workaholics, take a break.

I hear so many people saying that they regret not having more fun or spending more time with their friends because they were always too focused on working hard. You can still work hard and have time for a social life. You do need to be able to schedule your tasks properly though.. Point is you don’t need to sacrifice everything! Having time with friends, downtime, exercise and fueling my body properly are important things I try to keep in mind;even when things get busy.

Soo it’s Friday, me and two of my friends from school went downtown to a new taco bar that was opening that night. You know I like me some tacos:P I went into this with quite high expectations. (*Sigh*) social media hype is where it’s at.

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Gastown casually being gorgeous at night. Wow. Please leave your christmas lights on forever.





The Taco Bar is part of Tacofino, a popular mexican food truck orginated from Tofino. From what I heard the fish tacos are to diee for. They started to expand their restaurants across Vancouver and one in Victoria.  Their latest one is located in Gastown. The one in Gastown also has a burrito bar where they offer a range of meat,fish and veggie burritos which I’m sure is super yummy.

We walked into the restaurant, located in this sketch alley. It’s literally called “Blood Alley” in my defense, but fortunately once you enter it’s not so bad, and you see the bright taco sign and a promising well lit,pretty restaurant. The vibe of this place is amazing. I was gawking at the little details in the design that made it very homey and comfortable. There’s also big balls of lights strung up on the ceilings. Even prettier than the ones at Ikea. There’s an open bar, and more seating as you walk in.

There’s also details like the modern rustic water jug placed on the table and tiny slim glasses with water, and utensils tied up with a drawstring wrapped in thick brown napkins. The menus were not long and complicated(thank god I don’t even know what a tostada is help me), and the ingredients all looked unique and delicious in their own way.

I immediately went with the octopus tostada, because I had my eye on it since the day I saw it on Facebook.(Social media marketing WIN). Um awkward, I don’t even think I had octopus before…but I’m guessing it’s like squidish?My other friends went with crispy chicken tacos and fish tacos. Of course ,Janice had to order her beloved churros, with “glazed agave” and “spicy cinnamon sugar”.

While we were waiting for our food, since we sat near the kitchen, the aromas of the food wafted over towards us. I was getting hungry. The servers were nice, regularly checking up on us and refilling our glasses with the cute little jug.

My tostada came and it was a crispy hard corn tortilla layered with a large drizzle of guacamole, arugula,layed out pieces of grilled octopus and topped off with jalapeno and chili oil. The flavors were pretty good, the octopus was chewy, but soft and tender around the skin/flesh.I felt that the arugula greens paired perfectly with the shell and the sauces. The only complaint I had was that one of the smaller pieces of octopus on the top was charred to black and all I could taste a pungent burnt taste. I was surprised one taco could fill me up, since the octopus portion was pretty good and took a long time to eat/chew. Our dessert, the churros, came as a resemblance to mini donuts. They were soft, fluffy, and not to sweet. There was definitely some salty tones contrasting the sweetness on the outer layer, and spiciness! I could feel it burn on my lips after. First time eating churros, not bad!

My Friday ended on a pleasant note; friends, good food and lovely sights.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend, we all deserve it




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