5 Things I’m Grateful for

Hello! I thought I would start the week off with listing out some things I was(or am) grateful for today. Though I forsee the my days getting busier, I feel like I should take a few minutes out of my day just to go over what made me happy today. I bet you can always find little things that made your day better, even if you had a absolute horrible day.

1.) So the bus came fast today. Which meant I didn’t have to stand around in the freezing cold and rain for too long. I was so ready to go home. And plus I really had to pee..

2.)Coming home to a big bowl of grapes! Time to get the cheese out of the fridge and hop into a hot shower.

Camembert Cheese with Mary's Crackers and grapes

Camembert Cheese with Mary’s Crackers and grapes


3.)I was super hungry so I had an earlier dinner. My mom made korean tofu kimchi hot-pot. It was amazing. I almost ate the whole pot ^_^ I am grateful for a delicious,hot filling meal.

4.)Interesting thing of the week:

Inside a Chinese Test-Prep Factory by the New York Times

I read the whole article. It talked a lot about the hard-core education system in China and the extreme pressure it put on the kids; especially from the parents. Their life is basically determined by this one test which determines whether they get to go to university.Basically a whole different world from North America, where schooling is much more lenient, and focuses not only on education but other aspects, like sports,service to the community,healthy living..ect. This article had its inspiring bits where it talked about some amazing successes from students and there were some heartbreaking bits near the end.

Even though I’m constantly complaining about school, I’m thankful I’m not subjected to such extreme pressures and stress from school and my parents.

5.) Oh and this fluffy, smelly thing


What’s one thing you’re grateful for today?



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