The Night(s) Before Christmas

As you may know, Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays. But all the action never really happens on Christmas Day.I feel like Christmas Day is when you soak it all in and just savour the holiday. It’s staying home with your family who gets out of bed a little into noon, sipping on tea and eating leftover cake while looking out of the window. Warm pajamas and the fire goes on all day in the living room. Movie marathons or a good book in bed.Preparing yourself for boxing day the day after. At least that’s what the day is like for me.

Here’s a glimpse into what happened in my life the days before Christmas. I had loads of fun. Thank you to all my friends, family,blessings, and whoever is reading.

If you celebrate a different holiday or none at all, I hope you had a nice few days of relaxation and surrounded by people you love.

2 Days before Christmas…

The Morning

I rolled out of bed way too early. I was supposed to be proper and meet people by 11:30 am. Oh well. Mornings are kind of a blur. I go through the internet.Sip on my hot lemon water. Wait for whoever to get out of the bathroom so I can do my stuff. And eat breakfast? I don’t know. We decided on brunch, but the thing is brunch is technically for people who get out of bed too late to eat breakfast so they mash breakfast and lunch together right? I never really know whether to eat breakfast before going to brunch if I wake up early. Because what if I ruin my appetite for brunch. But brunch is sometimes just lunch. Decisions,man.


Tis was a rainy day in Vancouver, and not a mouse was stirring…

I met up with two of my friends and we got on the skytrain to go downtown. We were all kind of quiet,tired or moody in the morning. My friend wanted mexican food.No questions asked, I suggested an affordable and pretty decent restaurant downtown. And began the search for this restaurant in the rain with a failing phone GPS system and my friend ruthlessly swearing(while I laughed the whole time) at the other.Again, girls can get moody sometimes.

Hallelujah! We found the restaurant after a while and got seated. The prospect of warmth,dryness, seats and greasy mexican food was promising.The place was comfortably filled with light chatter and people.  I honestly had no idea what I was ordering because I am not super familiar with these food terms and the language. All I know is that I love the food from previous taco and burritos outings. I decided on a chicken taquito salad while my friends went with enchiladas and burritos. The restaurant also supplied us with free tortilla chips and amazing guacamole that actually tasted like pure avocados. The salsa was orange-red colored and smooth, with a little spice that I could handle. The chips looked freshly fried, not like the ones you bought at the store.

I was pleasantly surprised with my order. No pictures unfortunately because it’s kinda of a huge sloppy(delicious) mess(halfway into my meal). The serving was quite large for a half-size and was loaded with green salsa,sour cream,lime juice and feta. The chicken taquitos were quite delicious, crispy little bites. I believe it was basically chicken rolled in taco shells and deep fried.Overrall, the salad was light and refreshing but filling and loaded with great flavors;very satisfying for a good price. The only complaint I had that sometimes maybe because of the lime juice, soaked up the romaine lettuce and made it a little cringe worthy sour, but I guess it’s all part of the fun right?

My friend seemed to enjoy her meal a lot as she cleaned off her plate of a big burrito,refried beans and spanish rice.My other friend was not so keen, probably because he wasn’t a big fan of the cuisine to start with. I would have happily eaten his food though.

After the meal, we seemed to all be in better spirits. We walked to Robson square to go ice skating. During the winter time, the little ice rink by the art gallery downtown in opened to the public for free skating. If you want to rent ice skates it $4 and helmets are free, so pretty good deal. I’ve been twice and totally recommend it as a fun afternoon outing with your friends. Even though the rink isn’t super big and can get crowded at times, you can leisurely skate for as long as you want with your friends and take pictures. There’s also a live band playing sometimes and christmas music.

Next stop before resting at the mall was the Festival of Trees! The Festival of Trees is basically a display/competition of decorated christmas trees from different companies,organizations or groups.There’s ones represented by London Drugs to Children’s Hospital and even Starbucks. They’re located in the Four Seasons Hotel besides the Pacific Center mall downtown.

Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees


The London Drugs Tree was pretty awesome. It contains many presents, pictures of commonly wishlisted items and names.

The London Drugs Tree was pretty awesome. It contains many presents, pictures of commonly wishlisted items and names.

The A&W tree

The A&W tree

My personal favorite Santa Tree. It really stands out with the bright red and wrapping with black belt.

My personal favorite Santa Tree. It really stands out with the bright red and wrapping with black belt.

Monster Inc. Tree

Monster Inc. Tree

Cat in the Hat tree. Who remembers the movie?

Cat in the Hat tree. Who remembers the movie?

Starbucks Tree inside of Pacific Center

My friend Chiaki with the Starbucks Tree inside of Pacific Center. Look at all those red cups!

We were thirsty/tired so we went to the food court to recharge.Smoothies,poutine, and a box of chocolates opened after, we were ready to go to our next and final destination. The Festival of Lights. That is until I found out there was an admission that I didn’t really want to pay, and my friend went on about how bad the reviews were/cramped the space was. So we decided to end our night by going to Science World.


Science World by Telus Photo Credits to Chiaki

Well we didn’t really go inside of Science World. Maybe a few seconds because it was cold outside. We walked around the exterior of Science World to look at the pretty view of the water,bridges,buildings,B.C Place and artificial lights in the night-time. Aka we climbed on top of this artificial grass/model of a dump  built by Science World and took selfies while my guy friend silently judged us trying to actually enjoy the view.


Night View from outside of Science World Photo credits to Chiaki


Hugs and Happy Holidays. Time to go home and crash. Ends up discussing restaurants, brunch and Urbanspoon with Rachel on Facebook until like 1am. Good life decisions , hence why I am always broke. Just cook at home, kids.

Christmas Eve

The Morning

Woke up feeling wonderful actually. What good things actually sleeping a significant amount of time can do for you. It was sunny and bright skies, a change from yesterday’s gloominess. I kinda lazed around, cat stretched and ate oatmeal before going to another brunch outing with some family friends. Today’s destination was dim sum aka chinese style brunch! No pictures because I didn’t want to be weird.

An assortment of steamed shrimp and pork dumplings,rice rolls with deep-fried stuff,chicken feet,soup,and spring rolls, were ordered and desserts such as Malaysian “UFO” sponge cake and flaky crusted egg tarts for dessert. And of course lots of chinese tea!

I walked to the mall with my mom, feeling totally stuffed for the next few hours. As I entered, I saw one of my besties, what a coincident! She reminded me that we saw each other on Christmas Eve at the mall last year too. She was meeting up with two of her guy friends to shop for presents and I decided to hop along. There goes my plans to shop for her Christmas presents. Oops. Well at least I got some insider scoop on what she wants. After walking around for a while I needed to sit down somewhere comfy so I could rest/sleep/die in my food coma. I peer pressured everyone/convinced them to go to Sears so we could sit on/loiter around on nice leather couches.This is how it always goes down.

That Night

I arrived back at home to the sound of my mom cooking away in the kitchen for our Christmas dinner. I was somehow hungry again so I munched on some leftover homemade crackers with cream cheese and then proceeded to take a nap. When I woke up, I sipped on some homemade matcha coconut latte, as I lingered around the kitchen watching my mom prepare dinner and snacked on roasted edamme pods she just got out of the oven and seasoned. Those things are pretty addicting!


The guests aka my cousins and the fam arrived and my uncle with his professional flashing,built-in white screen,240mm lens camera blinked away, my aunt and her bad lighting/quality phone camera and me with my average camera snapped away at the food.


Eating began, wine was poured for the older ones and a recent Brad Pitt war film was played. Which also featured a baby faced actor I refered to as “Percy Jackson” or “poor baby” the whole time throughout the film.

0020061 0102 00500

The night went on to a game of Cards Against Humanity, lots of cake and presents.



Tis was a lovely night.

I am so thankful I get to celebrate and spend time with these lovely people. I had a wonderful time, and just hope that my family across the globe is having a swell time too;with good food,warmth and most importantly people they love. I wish all my friends and whoever’s reading a wonderful coming new year.

Happy Holidays,


Links to places I talked about:

La Casita – Mexican Cuisine restaurant

Robson Square Rink

Festival of Trees

Festival of Lights

Science World


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