Little Things and Hot Smoothies


It’s funny I got this thought while stirring apples,cinnamon and raisins in a small pot of water.

“Appreciate the little things”

One of my favorite sayings ever. While at least for now.

I mean, life is never perfect, there’s always going to be bad moments, or things you don’t like about your life. But why be so caught up in the murkiest parts?

Everyday I try to find something I’m grateful for or something that makes me feel happy in the moment. Even if the moment won’t last for ever or as small as it is, if you can capture it for a longer than a few seconds, I promise it will brighten your day just a little.

Back to why I was stirring a pot of fruit. So, as you know it’s been cold outside, and as much as I love my daily smoothies, I just haven’t been craving them so much. So I decided to make a warm smoothie. This warm smoothie is creamy,sweet,tart and delicious. I was a little skeptic about the adding a quarter cup of raisins, because that’s a lot of raisins! But no doubt now, it was perfect.


The recipe is literally just one apple,raisins,cinnamon,a bit nuts and water.Thanks to the couple from Clean Cuisine and More for this awesome recipe.Heat up on the stove for a couple of minutes, cool for 2 minutes and blend with more water and nuts. I made it with walnuts instead of pecans, as the recipe called for just because I had it on hand. I believe hemp seeds, flax or almonds would go as lovely substitutions. You can even make this a coconut-ty beverage using coconut milk.

Sometimes a warm cup of tea,coffee or smoothie is all it takes to make the day a little brighter.

Sometimes listening to an old heart warming song from BSB is all it takes.

What made you happy today? Spread the joy.



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