Day in My Life + Something actually exciting

Hello friends,

Hope you’re all enjoying this weekend, at least in Vancouver it seems sunny for once.

Here’s a little snippet of how I enjoyed my Saturday and something exciting near the end… so read on.

The Morning


I woke up way too early and was still high from the coffee I had a 6pm.And it was a latte so it was 75% milk anyways so yeah that’s how sad it is. I spent my morning going through my blog, other blogs, pinterest and Facebook.

The late morning

My aunt drove me to the Main Street neighbourhood which is where I have work experience.


I stopped by the Last Crumb and got a sandwich and soup special. The soup was navy bean with chorizo and I got the veggie-hummus-brie-avacado sandwich on sourdough. It was pretty good though I would have prefered it grilled and the cheese melted 😛


Oh and I walked into this cool art store and spent way too much time there gawking over inexpensive crafts and ended up buying “a few” things.(Pictures at the end of the post).



On sale for $3.99! Usually it’s like $8.

After work, I went to a general store that was a block away and picked up these babies.

I was pleasantly surprised. They both tasted so good! The green is one made with apple,pineapple,bok choy and lemon. The orange one is made with carrot,orange,hemp seeds and real vanilla. This one tasted heavenly. I love the branding,and the juices are sealed in this quirky triangular bottle and are cold pressed.


Birthday dinner for my dad. Yay chinese food.


Coming Soon

This year I’ve decided to do low-budget Christmas shopping ,well because I’m broke but I love giving presents during the holidays.  I’m composing a post “my ultimate list” of ideas for great gifts and it will feature a lot of DIY, easy to make(and on your wallet) things. Soo stay tuned!

Sneak peek…







Thanks for reading,



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