Study Tips: Please don’t blow your brains out

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If you’re in school, you may be familiar with the wave of exams that’s coming towards you like a tsunami. With tests and due dates comes mega stress and cramming. Even worse if you’re a procrastinater like yours truly. Or if you get distracted easily by the ahem interwebs and social media. While I was suppose to be reading on population indexes and millennium goals, I was here creating this blog. Oops. If you’re feeling super stressed, whether it’s the amount of work you need to get done or getting the best grade possible or passing, calm down, make some tea(or whatever you’re craving) and come along this post with me.

And please don’t blow your brains out just yet.

This probably isn’t the first time this has happened. You’re sitting there at 12 am and you still have half an essay to finish and a textbook you’re suppose to read but have not touched. You feel like pulling your hair out and instead of getting started you go ahead and spam your friends on how miserable you’re feeling in hopefulness that they’re dying too so you can feel better that you have someone else to die with.

Step one

Log out of Facebook. You don’t need any more moral support from your buddies and for heaven’s sake just double space it if you’re not sure.

Step two

Be realistic about how much you can get done. Get as much work done as possible, but still make time for your get ready for bed routine(so you don’t wake up on the ground at 3 a.m confused and gross) and relaxation. Before you go to bed, schedule what you need to have done. In times like this don’t put baking muffins on the list(guilty), think priorit-yy. I find that sometimes even when I try to go to bed for the sake of being in a sane state of mind the next day, I can’t fall of sleep because I get so anxious, like a buzzing in my head that all the things I need to get done. Again, writing a list helps condense your mental list and makes it seem less overwhelming and achievable.

Study Tips

These are some tips that have really helped me… keep in mind they may not work for everyone so try one that sounds reasonable to you.

1)Finding a new study space

Working at home is fine. I mean you have a quiet space, privacy, access to internet if you get stumped on an assignment and food in the fridge if you get hungry.

But… sometime it can be distracting. I find myself spending way too much time on the internet for “different purposes”, falling asleep on my comfy bed or couch or going to the kitchen to “fetch a snack” far too often.

I love taking one day of the week to study outside of my home. Somewhere with hot drinks and food hehe. I actually get excited for these mini trips because I bus downtown. There’s something about the vibe, clean-cut space and a hot beverage prepared for you that makes me want to shack up at the cafe for 3 hours taking notes and sipping. Ahh especially on those cold or rainy days. It takes time to get downtown, but that half an hour I would have wasted endless snacking or chatting on Facebook at home anyway. Unfortunately, bringing friends is not a good idea… I find you just end up talking and eating for three hours instead. Unless you guys are actually going to commit to a real study date, then it’s better if you just go on your own.

2)The classic to do list

Physically write down that needs to be done and by what date. Do it, cross of things and feel totally accomplished.

3) Ask your teacher

Seek some advice on how to best study for the tests.Make sure to ask what notes to look for, any specific things  you need to study or what practices you should do in order to prep for the test. Teachers will often gladly give you solid advice because they want you to do well. This can save you a lot of time.

4)Finding a reward

We put ourselves through a lot of crap sometimes in order to feel a sense of reward or achievement. Reserve something at the end of the week to reward yourself for your hard work.It can be things you enjoy; like a hike,shopping,painting your nails,a massage,going to a restaurant…ect. Mark it on your calendar so you’re constantly reminded that you have to do the work to deserve a reward. Always remember to give yourself breaks to prevent burn out. Short term rewards can be an hour of work=a few minutes of browsing through your favorite social media/site/blog, maybe a snack or a walk. Get up and move around once in a while to get that blood moving and to avoid stiffness or tension.

Developing good work habits and stopping procrastination will help you tremendously in life. It feels SO good to end the night not feeling stressed out and feeling you are in control. I am definitely a big on procrastination and I’m still working on it to this day.

If you are feeling really sad,frustrated or burned out, this is the time where you have to talk to someone. Consult a friend, sometimes you just need someone to listen and to just let it out. I promise you will feel better. If you really can’t handle the workload, don’t be afraid to ask the teacher for accommodations. Teachers are often pretty understanding if you explain your situation; so don’t be scared to ask.

Hope these tips helped!

Leave in the comments below a good study tip or what’s on this week’s to do list. I’m sure we’ll appreciate it.

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