My New Years Resolutions


I know you’re all probably tired of these “New year, New me” posts, so sorry! But my resolutions aren’t quite like that. I don’t understand why we have to decide to change on a certain month of the year. Why we decide to actually start exercising, or eating right or clean out our houses on this specific day. I,myself make new goals constantly. Because life is constantly changing. Circumstances change and priorities change. I always have to check back in with myself, is this goal realistic? Is it something I truly want to obtain? Especially the realistic part. I know it’s not realistic for me to blog every single day on top of school, work opportunities,time for myself and spending time with my friends and family.

So anyway, going with the swing of things I’m going to pop out posts of each “resolution” or goal I have, not just for this year, but for what I’m feeling like I need. Most of these are just life goals. They are more like reminders than goals. Like being happy. Remembering to let go. To smile more. To go out of comfort zones.


My goal for this blog is just to inspire people to be happier. I don’t mean like when they read my blog, they’ll magically transport to Narnia or happy land and become new people. I mean, if I ever write a post that inspires someone or makes them laugh a bit or something they can relate to at the end of a stressful day, I’m a happy girl.

Here’s to a happy new year!




Coconut Milk Latte Recipe

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekends. Whether it’s staying at home or hitting the malls for some crazy sales.

I’m sharing this delightful dairy free caffeinated drink that’s perfect with breakfast, a pick me up in the afternoon or after coming back from your shopping trips. It will warm you up and put a smile on your face.

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The Night(s) Before Christmas

As you may know, Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays. But all the action never really happens on Christmas Day.I feel like Christmas Day is when you soak it all in and just savour the holiday. It’s staying home with your family who gets out of bed a little into noon, sipping on tea and eating leftover cake while looking out of the window. Warm pajamas and the fire goes on all day in the living room. Movie marathons or a good book in bed.Preparing yourself for boxing day the day after. At least that’s what the day is like for me.

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5 Things I’m Grateful For

One thing I learned is that having gratitude moves you one step in the direction of being a happier,kinder person.

There are people who are poor, people who do don’t have very much, but sometimes these people might just be the happiest ones.

Little things we pick up each day and choose to treasure brings us hope.

I hope you find yours.

The 5 Things I’m Grateful for today

1.Cuddling with my Dog first thing in the morning

2.Waking up to clear, sunny skies

I literally saw the white fluffy clouds moving peeking out of the blinds… or maybe I’m just delusional in the mornings.


Over the past couple of months,┬ámy sleep hasn’t been so great. I wake up in the morning wanting more sleep almost like nourishment but I have to deny myself of it. I go through the morning sometimes with a pounding in my head, irritability and all those nasty feelings. Thankfully, I have people in my life that I see everyday who can turn my day around:) I am grateful today because I had a good night of sleep and I woke up to when my body naturally was ready to wake up; not to a blazing alarm clock at 7am.


I am grateful I have this opportunity to start blogging. Even if I may not always feel this way, it feels great to have something that keeps me productive. Though sometimes I need a break from being productive, it doesn’t feel very nice to be bored all the time. Balance is the key. I’m grateful I found a hobby that keeps me motivated and happier each time I write.

5.Christmas Eve

I am grateful each year, the one day of the year is filled with so much cheer and deckly spirit. It warms the chilly air and produces big smiles and laughter. I am grateful I get to spend this day with family and friends. I am grateful for the gathering that brings us all together amidst of our hectic lives.

Love, Naomi

My Ultimate Gift Guide to Christmas

Want to give your friends or family something special this holiday? But don’t want to break the bank? Or maybe you’re stuck.Back in my last post I hinted I was composing something special for you. Here is my ultimate list of DIY budget friendly gifts you can make and of course I’ll share some link love to some of my favorite products! Continue reading